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The Maze Runner

Book Report on The Maze Runner

Bryce Jensen

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

Main Characters
The Maze Runner
World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department
W.I.C.K.E.D Bunker
All knowledge of the outside world has come from the boys who have gone through the changing. They have memories of a the Flare, a powerful flare from the sun. This Flare virtually destroyed the civilized world as we know it and was the cause of a great disease/illness that caused people to go mad or die after being deformed. The infected are called Cranks an image to the right gives an idea of their appearance/behaviors.
Outside World
- Griever-hole (source of the Grievers), void, dead-end within in the maze.
A Step Further
The newest leader of the Gladers. He is apart of the original group of teenagers that were sent to the maze (two years ago). With his title comes respect and responsibility, only the Keepers and the other original members have the ability to question his actions. Early on, Thomas feels as though he can trust Alby, but is concerned when Alby was able to pierce Ben with an arrow (saving Thomas' life). Midway through the story he went through the changing giving him memories of his former life and the world beyond the maze. Frightened by what he remembers, he wishes to stay in the Glade. Since none of the others want to stay in the maze, Alby felt the only way to keep them from escaping was to burn the maps made by the Runners. Alby redeems his actions by sacrificing his life during the battle with the grievers during the great escape. Truly his sacrifice was selfish; he did not wish to return to his former life or the world beyond since neither seemed pleasant or better than the maze they were imprisoned in.
Newt is known as second in command early on in the story. He is also Alby's best friend and a former Runner, but his running days ended after an injury from the maze permanently affected his abilities; he runs with a limp now. He is tall and muscular with long blonde hair. Newt is the person who spends the most time with Thomas early on teaching him about life in the Glade and explaining the Maze and the predicament they are in. After Alby was stung by a griever, Newt became the new temporary leader of the Glade. During his time as chief in command, he struggled to keep order since things were changing permanently for the worse. He jailed Thomas for breaking the number one rule of the Glade: Never go into the maze at night. But Thomas only went out into the maze to save Alby and Minho. Before then, no one had ever survived a night in the maze. Even though Thomas broke the rules for the right reasons, he still needed to be punished or else the others would start breaking rules. Newt's main priority in the Glade is to keep the order so that chaos cannot reign.
She is the girl who arrived the day after Thomas. Teresa falls into a coma upon entering the Glade but before she does she tells everyone that she has triggered the Ending. While in her coma, she was able to talk to Thomas telepathically. When she wakes up, the sun is gone from the sky and the Doors and Maze walls no longer close at night. Both Thomas and Teresa feel like they knew each other before they lost their memories. Later on Thomas discovers he also has the ability to communicate with her telepathically. During the great escape, she was tasked with entering the code words into the computer that would shut off the Grievers.
Sluggish flesh monsters with robotic arms that kill Gladers roaming in the maze
His character is nothing short of a massive bigheaded, arrogant bullly. He is the Keeper of the Builders, yet he has also gone through the changing. Usually those who go into the Maze go through the changing, but he was fooling around by the entrances when he was stung. He saw Thomas during the changing allowing him to encourage the others not to trust in Thomas. Gally tells the Gladers that Creators are going to kill them one at a time each night with the Grievers. Gally himself was taken by the Grievers on the first night. The next time he is encountered is in the W.I.C.K.E.D. Bunker where Thomas beats him to an inch of his life.
He is the first boy that Thomas encounters that goes through the changing. Ben saw what the others have seen during the changing - Thomas, the outside world, and W.I.C.K.E.D. Ben follows Thomas into the woods and attacks Thomas near the graveyard. Out of nowhere Ably appeared with a bow in hand telling Ben to stop, but he doesn't so Ably shoots him with an arrow. He survives the shot, but Ben is banished from the Glade. Banished - the Gladers watch as Ben is forced to stand on the other side of the closing Doors.
"Holy Crap, I'm scared" - Thomas, night before the great escape.
"Holy crap you're human. You should be scared." - Teresa
Dashner, James. The Maze Runner. New York: Delacorte Press, 2009. Print.
devianART. N.p., 2014. Web. 26 Mar. 2014.
375 pages
Farm/wooded area in the center of the maze protected at night by four closing walls that provide as an entrance into the maze. The teenagers' civilization is based here.
- Butchers/animal handlers
- Prepare the meals
- Farmers
- Build
- Gather Materials
- Make maps
- They bag dead bodies and bury them
- Are the doctors/paramedics
- Are the janitors (worst jobs)
- Run out into the maze and rush back to the Glade at night where they draw maps of the paths they took.
"If you ain't scared, you ain't human. Act any different and I'd throw you off the Cliff because it'd mean you're a psycho." - Alby, Thomas' first arival.
Vocabulary Cocktail
pronoun for a person disrespectfully describing them.
(shuck-face) -
curse word, disrespectful when used to describe someone or something.
adj. to describe something as crap.
The term came from the sound poop made when it fell into the klunk-box. Klunk is also a noun replacing poop, crap . . .
Newbie, a name usually given to the newest member of the Glade.
(Once a month a new boy arrives in the Box that brings them to the Glade)
Man-made robotic/flesh monsters that prowl the Maze usually at night killing/kidnapping boys. They posses stingers that taint the bloodstream of individuals forcing them to go through the changing.
After receiving the serum for the Griever's toxic stings, an individual becomes deathly ill for a few days. The process turns their veins green and skin pale. While unconscious from the immense amount of pain they are in, they are granted some of their memories back of the real world. Most boys see Thomas in their visions helping W.I.C.K.E.D.
A homestead was created in the center of the Glade along with a map-room and a jail cell building adjacent to it.
The Gladers tend to sleep outside at night since there are so many of them.
Barn and slaughter house can be seen across the fields.
A graveyard (aka Dead Bones) is hidden behind the forest.
The protagonist
A 16 year old boy who like everyone else in the Glade has no knowledge of who he was or where he is. The basic understanding of the world and his name are the only things he remembers. His first day in the Glade is unlike the other Greenies', for he did not truly panic since he eerily felt at ease in his new environment. From day one, he made more enemies than friends. He felt a great intrest for the maze and wanted to become a Runner. Throughout the story, he proves to be clever, brave and loyal. Helping in his efforts he learned that he had telepathic powers.
W.I.C.K.E.D. name - Albert Einstein
W.I.C.K.E.D. name - Thomas Edison
W.I.C.K.E.D. name - Sir Isaac Newton
"You bloody shank!" - Newt
"Make yourself useful and get me some bloody water!" - Minho
"You need a girl brain running this show." - Teresa, when searching for the hidden code in the maps.
"Let this half shank be a warning to all of you. You can't escape through the black hole." - Newt, also a quote from Alby
"The number one rule: Never go into the Maze at night." - Newt
Keeper of the Bricknicks
Keeper of the Baggers
Keeper of the Map-Makers
Keeper of the Sloppers
Hierarchy of the Glade
Duties under each Keeper:
Remaining Keepers
Alby is the leader
Newt is second in command
Under them are the Keepers of the Glade.

Keeper - one of ten leaders for a group of teenagers. A Keeper is in charge of a set of specialized duties to keep things running smoothly.
Keepers with the most influence:
: Keeper of the Runners
: Keeper of the Slicers/Blood-Housers
: Keeper of the Cooks
: Keeper of the Track-hoes
: Keeper of the Builders
: Keeper of the Med-jacks
"I'd go with you, but I don't want to die a gruesome death." - Chuck
"Wonder why we can do this. Maybe we were lovers." - Teresa, Telepathically.
"Chuck never wink at me again." - Thomas
"Should someone give a pep talk or something?" - Minho
"Go ahead." - Newt
"Be careful," he said dryly. "Don't die." - Minho
"I promised him!" he screamed in a voice laced with insanity. "I promised I'd save him, take him home! I promised!" - Thomas
"Maybe you should just press the button." - Chuck
"It's kinda hard to ask a dead guy what he did wrong." - Minho
"It was you and me Tom. We did this to them. To us." - Teresa
"Such a display of death - how could it be considered a victory?" - Thomas
"I just . . . feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself." - Thomas
"You're disgusting when you eat. It's like watching a starving pig eat its own klunk." - Chuck
"Ah, my knight in shining armor. What, you don't think I can fend for myself?" - Teresa
"That's just my way of saying I would've killed you if you'd died." -Teresa
"Man, you are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you." - Minho
"Quit voting me down before you even think about what I'm saying." - Gally
Is a large experimental project where brilliant children from the world who were not affected by the Flare were taken. At the center of the Maze is the Glade. The Glade has one moving section on each of the four walls (the Doors) which create an entrance into the Maze. Every night the four sections close securing the Glade from the Maze and the monsters within, but the sections are not the only walls that close at night. The walls within the maze also move changing the path of the maze so that when the entrances open at dawn the Runners have to map out a new path. Over the two year span, the Runners have determined that the Maze repeats every six months. This discovery will help Thomas create a solution.
World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department ~ Signs can be found in the Maze with that message.
W.I.C.K.E.D. is an organization that was created to find the cure for the Flare. They collected hundreds of children who were immune to the Sun Flares and put the children through
the Trials.
The Maze Runner covers the frist Trial - the Maze. The scientist created the Maze and implemented several variables so that they could study the children's brains as they encountered different challenges. The idea was that they would obtain the knowledge they needed from their studies to develop a cure.
Bunker is located through the Greiver-hole in the Maze. The bunker smells of old wires and electrical components.
Apocalypse / Environmental Collapse
Civilization vs. Savagery
Order vs. Chaos
My Favorite Theme
Order vs. Chaos
From the first chapter to the end, I felt as though this was the most apparent and important theme.
Newt's biggest concen is always keeping the Gladers active and busy because he wants to keep them distracted from the seriousness of their current situation in the Maze. The grave yard is behind the woods hidden from sight because it makes people depressed - depressed people get lazy and that's when chaos creeps in. Order must be kept at all times, so punishments must be carried out to keep the peace and order. That is why even when Thomas goes out to save Minho and Alby when the doors were closing, he was punished. The Glade
represents order while the ever-changing Maze
symbolizes chaos. The Glade gives them -
hope, regularity and a purpose.
The Arrival
Thomas enters into the Glade in a dark black box with no memories of who or where he is. He learns about his surroundings, the Glade and the Maze, and the general way of life.
Thomas is only in the Glade for a day when suddenly a girl arrives in the Box. The Box brings supplies every two weeks and a new member once a month (always been a boy for two years), but this occured the day after Thomas' arrival bringing Teresa, a girl. She said that she was "the last one" before she fell into a coma. Naturally Alby, Newt, and all of the other Gladers assume she has some type of connection with Thomas.
Bravery or Stupidity?
Minho says he found a dead Griever in the Maze by the Cliff, so Alby decided to go with Minho the next day to see the monster. When nightfall came the next day, both Minho and Alby were nowhere to be seen. As the Doors began to close, Thomas saw a wounded Alby and a tired Minho trying to rush back to the Door. They weren't going to make it. Newt saw the same thing as Thomas and told him not to go into the Maze. Thomas risked it anyways because he wasn't the type of person
who was going to leave his friends
behind to die.
Enduring the Night
Minho gave up on the unconscious Alby and ran off into the Maze already knowing that all three of them were going to die in the Maze. Thomas did not give up on Alby. He lifted the older boy up and climbed the vines covering the interior walls. Once he ascended high enough, Thomas tied Alby's body up and left him there hoping the Grievers would go after a moving target. Several Grievers were on his tail for the longest time until he ended up at the Cliff. Trapped with a Grievers to his back Thomas had no other options. He waited for it to charge at him, and when the monster neared him, he dove out of the way. Minho saw him preform the life saving stunt. After a few moments, he emerged from the shadows
Thomas and Minho were now reunited when
three more Grievers came around the
corner. They did the same stunt
as before saving them.
The Changing
After surviving the night, Thomas is noted by Minho to be one of the best Runners the Glade could have. Other Gladers viewed Thomas as a god and some fear him even more now. He was elected as a Runner after a meeting with the Keepers, but is also sentenced a day in jail for breaking their number one rule. Alby was not at the meeting since he is now going through the changing after being stung the night before. To think things haven't changed enough, the girl from before is now telepathically speaking to him while comatose. She said that she has triggered the Ending. Later she awakes from the coma to find Thomas at the edge of the woods (he was running from her in his mind). Both of them noticed that they were familiar with each
other. The Doors did not close that
night and the sun disappeared.
**Prior to this event, Alby shot Ben with an arrow saving Thomas' life.
Thomas befriends a tubby boy by the name of Chuck who is apart of the Sloppers, and Newt who is the second in command. He feels oddly connected to the new girl. A Keeper by the name of Gally is aggravated by Thomas and says it plainly to him that he despises the Greenie and knows what he is really up to (Gally saw Thomas during the changing).
A door opened down the hall from the room they were all in. Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Newt, Chuck, and the other Gladers walked down the corridor until the floor beneath their feet turned into a slick spiraling slide. They found themselves in an underground bunker being stared at by scientist behind glass mirrors. From the side, a women appeared greeting the Gladers. The Gladers felt uneasy in her presence especially when a hooded figure emerged from behind her. The figure was Gally. In his hands, a knife appeared; the woman forced Gally to throw it at Thomas, but Chuck took the fatial hit for him. Enraged
Thomas threw himself at Gally beating him nearly
to death with his fists. Guilt swelled throughout
him; he promised to bring Chuck home to his
mother. "Thomas find my mother."
Thomas wanted answers, but he didn't have any. He came to a realization that he needed to go through the changing so that he could reveal the answers everyone needed. That night a boy from the floor above was taken by a Griever, but this time Thomas chased after them. He attacked the Grievers hoping to get stung. After going through the changing, he learned that the Maze was impossible to solve and that they were apart of an experiment that the Creators came up with to test their abilities and strength. The only way out is through the invisible Griever-hole at the Cliff. He calls for the Keepers to arrange a meeting so that he can persuade them of his discovery and that they need to bring the fight to the Grievers. In the hole, there is a computer that'll
shut the Grievers down allowing everyone to leave the
Maze. The Keepers debated the idea of a full on attack.
After some time, the majority of the Gladers
decided to join Thomas' efforts and finally
leave the Maze.
Thomas and the majority of the Gladers ran the
Maze until they arrived at the Greiver-hole. Minho
led the group and told them to wait a few meters behind him so that he could scout the edges of the Cliff. When he peaked his head around the edge he saw at least 15 Grievers laying in wait from behind them another group of Grievers appeared. The Gladers had to clear a path for Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck so that they could go through the hole and make it to the computer. Several boys died during the fight but not in vain. Teresa entered in the code words
while Thomas killed the Griever Chuck was
trying to fend off.
Chaos or Apocalypse?
Alby woke from the changing as though he was a different person. He spoke of the outside world and how the Maze was far better than it. Their current lives are and will be better than any life out there. Gally previously left in a fit of rage when Thomas was made a Runner and not banished. Now he is back and insanity has taken hold of him. "Every night one of you will die by a Griever." That very night since the Doors no longer close, Grievers appeared in vast numbers in the Glade. All of the Gladers are seeking refuge in the homestead from this night on. Gally managed to enter the homestead and destroy the window barricades in the room Thomas and Newt were in. Trying to stop him Newt was hit over the head with a board. A Griever then broke through the window and took Gally into the Maze. Minho could be seen running after Gally into to the Maze; he wanted to make sure the Cliff was indeed the source of the Grievers. One night, the map room was burnt down which discouraged Thomas' hopes of escape. He had a plan to trace the maps and compare each section with each other to see if a code would appear. He told Minho about his plan afterwords, and to his surprise, the maps that were destroyed were fakes. Minho and Newt showed him the real stash. They compared the maps and discovered that they revealed secret words or code words.
The Grievers were turned off and the remaining Gladers who came along entered the Hole. Sadly though only 21 (half) of them survived the ordeal leaving Thomas depressed.
Rushing into the buidling, armed people began firing bullets at the scientist behind the mirrors and into the woman who greeted the Gladers. The leader of the armed force told the Gladers to follow them that there was no time to explain. When Thomas makes it outside, a woman (a Crank) grabbed him and said "You have to save us from the Flare!" Once on the bus Teresa spoke to Thomas with her mind asking what that was about, but Thomas had no response to give. The bus started up and drove over the crazd woman killing her. Ending the book, the liberators brought the Gladers to a safe haven.
He is the first person besides Alby, Newt, and Gally that Thomas encounters. Chuck was the Greenie before Thomas arrived and so he was deemed to be the person to befriend and keep Thomas occupied when Newt was not around. Chuck is described as chubby little boy whose nature tends to be naive and talkative yet very innocent (he is the youngest boy in the Glade). Thomas raised their friendship to the level of brothers making a promise with Chuck to reunite him with his mother.
Minho like Alby is apart of the first Gladers to have entered the Maze. He openly tells Alby off when he disagrees with his policies. He is the Keeper of the Runners making him a valuable and dependable asset for the Gladers. He despises Thomas at first since he claims that running the Maze and finding a solution cannot be that hard (Thomas thinking they've been here for two years and they still don't know the way out of the maze). When Alby an Minho are trapped on the other side of the Maze at night, Thomas bravely enters for the first time to try and help them. After successfully surviving a night in the Maze (never been done before), Minho gains a new respect for Thomas since he was a Keeper he should have been able to keep his cool but lost it leaving Thomas alone with
Alby. Minho nominates Thomas to be a Runner
and they become close friends from then
on out.
**Thomas feels guilty for the banishing of Ben. His screams & pleads for forgiveness scarred Thomas permanently branding him with guilt.
The organization is the overall antagonist. The other three are considered as variables that W.I.C.K.E.D. implemented into the Maze for their studies.
Ava Paige
The Creators
World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department
They are the people who created the experiments or Trials that the Gladers are forced into doing. They control all of the variables in the Trials and monitor the brain waves of the Gladers that they have imprisioned. At the end of the book in the Bunker, the Creators can be seen on the other side of the glass walls. They appeared to have pale, cruel faces that showed little emotion.
Chancellor Ava Paige is the cited author of memo written to the employees of W.I.C.K.E.D. Her letter reveals that the Gladers did not truly escaped the the Trials, but they are entering the next phase of their experiment. The memo also indicates that there is another test group out there besides the Gladers. This implies that the liberators at the end of the book are not their saviors, but the individuals that are escorting them to their next challenge.
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