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Bedecked Poetry Seminar

Seminar Presentation

Sydney Leal

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Bedecked Poetry Seminar

POETRY SEMINAR By; Agatha Lee & Sydney Leal Bedecked By: Victoria Redel Means to adorn To make more beautiful or attractive Tell me it’s wrong the scarlet nails my son sports or the toy
store rings he clusters four jewels to each finger.
He’s bedecked. I see the other mothers looking at the star
choker, the rhinestone strand he fastens over a sock.
Sometimes I help him find sparkle clip-ons when he says
sticker earrings look too fake.
Tell me I should teach him it’s wrong to love the glitter that a
boy’s only a boy who’d love a truck with a remote that revs,
battery slamming into corners or Hot Wheels loop-de-looping
off tracks into the tub.
Then tell me it’s fine—really—maybe even a good thing—a boy
who’s got some girl to him,
and I’m right for the days he wears a pink shirt on the seesaw in
the park.
Tell me what you need to tell me but keep far away from my son
who still loves a beautiful thing not for what it means—
this way or that—but for the way facets set off prisms and
prisms spin up everywhere
and from his own jeweled body he’s cast rainbows—made every
shining true color.
Now try to tell me—man or woman—your heart was ever once
that brave.

By: Agatha Lee & Sydney Leal Bullies; Judges and shows disapproval towards the mother and son Shows gender expectations of society One view of society Another point of view Child's actions are not a political statement Brightens the world, colourful boy is orignal, unique, non-conforming rare for people to go against society; does not conform to "gender preformance". THE MESSAGE Question & Answer Gender Script,
Gender Preformance Socialization begins at a young age Mothers responsibility Girls, Boys & Barriers Gender & Gender Roles Article Instinctual Burden Going against the grain = BAD! Connection to society Personal Experience Thank you for watching
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