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Aspiring Leadership Program

No description

Ann White

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Aspiring Leadership Program

These experiences should provide the participants with many leadership tools to utilize in their future career goals.
Aspiring Leadership Program
Providing Support for Future Leaders

What will an Aspiring Leader Learn as a Participant?

Trends in Leadership
HOT Topics
Strengths-Based Leadership
Capabilities and Growth Planning
Fundamentals- Why, Who, What, How?
Research Finds:

Inspired District Leadership Results in Positive Achievement for Learners
Who is eligible?

Individuals interested in exploring and learning more about leadership
Expert Facilitators

Departmental Leaders
Departments and Processes
21st Century Technology and Leadership
Safety and Security
Data Driven Decision Making
Instructional Leadership Skills and Strategies
What Type of Leadership Roles Exist in the SPS District?

Canvas Classroom
Face to Face Meetings
Leading Research
The Aspiring Leadership Program exists to provide access to opportunites for professional learning to explore and develop leadership skills.

Vision: The Aspiring Leadership Program will be recognized for providing support for personal leadership development.

is required of Participants?
No fees... no costs... just join in where you feel a need to grow. You will have "in-practice" learning and acquire information important to your leadership goals.
How can I be involved?

Focus on Learning: In the near future SPS Department of Professional Learning Newsletter will have the information for registering. Just follow the instructions.
Easy as that.

Face to Face Trainings
Canvas Classroom for trainings
Strengths -Based Leadership
Leadership Training and Development
Panel Discussions
Opportunity for internships in the SPS Summer School Program
Curriculum Matters
What does Leadership Involve?
Is a Leadership Role Right for Me?
Topics for Discussion Boards
Topics could include
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