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The iPad

No description

Colleen Ha

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of The iPad

Multi- Touch Thin and Light screen is 9.7 inches (slightly smaller than a magzine)
1.5 pounds
0.5 inches thin The iPad Wireless the iPad takes cares of the most fastest Wi-Fi networks with simple taps you can join nearby networks in just seconds Incredibly Accurate Apple enginers designed the AA Chip so that the iPad could be as efficient and powerful as possible As used in Mac notebook computers, Apple Engineers also used lithium-polymer batteries to provide the iPad with a ten hour battery life Performance The iPad's battery allows you to surf the internet, watch videos, and listen to music . An iPad can hold up to 16GB, 32 GB or 64 GB. This allows plenty of space for photo's, music, movies, and apps. LED-Backlit IPS Display 178 degrees viewing angle High resolution , 9.7 inch Crisp and vivid display Ten Hour Battery Life Connectivity Audio Accessories Apps There are over thousans of aps you can choose from with the ipad Anything you can think of, from movies to books to games The iPad is larger so it is more precise and responsive The built in speaker provides a powerful and
rich sound, excellent for watching videos or listening to music. With a dock connector port, this allows you to easily charge or connect your iPad to Accessories There are many accessories that you could use to make your experience with the iPad much more fun and comfertable. Such as:
a full size keyboard
an iPad Camera Connection Kit, which allows you to transfer photos
an iPad case For instance... Popular Science Marvel Comics The Wall Street Journal SAFARI With one click, you can surf the web using Safari- a fast and simple app for connecting to the internet Mail Stay in touch with your friends with emails Photos A storage area to view your daily photos iPod Access and listen to all your music here Wall Street Journal Read the Wall Street Journal on the go!
Catch up with news around the globe . All your favourite sections are included and with the high resolution the iPad includes, reading will never be the same. Real HD Racing Experience what it's like to drive through forests and many tracks. IPad takes you through these courses in detail while being precise, responsive and easy to control. you've got mail! On/ Off , Sleep/Wake Volume up/down Pair your iPad up with an apple keyboard. Choose from over 150,000 apps. This is how happy you'll be once you experience the iPad :)
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