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Frontline Freight Inc, Online System

Online Overview

Ben Fauver

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Frontline Freight Inc, Online System

Overview of My Frontline www.frontlinefreightinc.com Press The Right Facing Arrow For Each Slide. 800-243-5422 www.FrontlineFreightInc.com Home Page click the drop tab Any way you choose find your shipments and quotes. My Frontline Login Home Screen Fast Track, Check By Date Range, PRO #, BOL And PO # Click here Which on-line request would you like? Which On-Line Request Will You Need? Schedule Pickups, Rate Quotes, Create BOL's, Set Up Shipment Alerts, Check Transit Times. Billing Simplified Review Your Company A/R and A/P, Or Set Up Reports Specific To Your Needs. Check open invoices by date range With My Analytics You Will Have The Power Of Knowing Every Aspect Of Your Shipping Needs. My Analytics Take Control And Track Your Top Customers User Maintenance Do You Have A Password You Prefer? Or Regular Customers You'd Like To Load For Faster On-Line Usage? Contact us quickly sends an E-mail to your rep and Customer Servcie. Shipment Alerts Make Tracking Simple! Enter The PRO And Your Email. Frontline Will Send You Updates Until Your Freight is Delivered Input Info in Required Fields Add Special Simply Enter the PRO. To Get BOL's or POD's Have complete instant access to all your needs Then Double Click on the PRO to see Shipment Details Shipment Details Log on to Frontline Freight
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