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Going International with Magento

No description

Osvaldo Spadano

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Going International with Magento

Language Dictionary & Catalog Website What 's involved Language Price Not just Exchange Rate Payments Credit Cards & Paypal not enough Miscellaneous An overview and guideline Going International with Magento Currency Pricing Promotions Payment Methods SEM & Affiliates Merchandising Geo-IP Banners Newsletters Accounting Reporting Customer Service Fulfillment Magento Stores Configuration Store Store View Configuration settings
Payment Service Provider
Delivery methods & rates
Delivery Countries
Base currency
Tax class
Customers Root category Configuration settings

Product settings

Category settings

Currency displayed by default

Orders Website attributes Store attribute Store View
attributes Key attributes of a localised store are defined at Website level
Define your Markets / Countries at Website level not at Store View level! www.site.co.uk
uk.site.com en-GB
British English www.site.de
de.site.com Root Category de-DE
German Root Category Website Store Store View Unique Content Multilingual Search Banners Dictionary & Catalog Unique Content Banners Multilingual Search Use advanced Search technologies Search platforms:
SLI Systems
FACT-Finder Functionalities:
Fuzzy Search
Stemming Not just Currency Pricing France Italy Same currency different price Not a local price! Each website can have a completely different price Define your Market at Website level Set Special Prices and Promotions
on different Products
at different Times
in different Markets Fraud prevention Consolidate, Reconciliation & Reporting Global Payment Service Provider e.g. Germany is a different planet Not less than 58% of the online customers order online and pay afterwards Global View of Alternative Payments e.g. The German Way WorldPay insight report into the growing Alternative Payments market: http://bit.ly/1602pwx Bank Transfer Direct Debit, no balance check, ~3 days Easy charge backs, even after few weeks!! Instant Direct Debit, low risk Buyer transfer money to Merchant's account Takes time, goods are booked until paid for Provide ELV payment only to low risk customers Choose a Global
Payment Service Provider Multiple PSPs will create an Admin headache! Local Payments Reporting Full Page Caching
multi site aware
multi store aware
multi currency aware

It should sit on top of Full Page Caching
Do not use GeoIP Magento Extentions!

URLs & GeoIP should collaborate
1. Link to www.site.co.uk/white-bag
2. GeoIP redirect to www.site.de/white-bag
3. 404, Mage redirect to www.site.de/weisse-tasche

Performance & Availability
Multiple stores will impact on performance & availability
Use Responsive Design for mobiles to reduce Store Views Common pitfalls Common pitfalls Digital Marketing Digital Marketing headaches
get bigger! Tagging Data Feed Use a Tag Management System TagMan: http://tagman.com BrightTag: http://brighttag.com OpenTag by QuBit: http://opentag.qubitproducts.com ensighten: http://ensighten.com Use a Data Feed Management System ChannelAdvisor: http://channeladvisor.com ChannelGrabber: http://channelgrabber.com GoDataFeed: http://godatafeed.com SingleFeed: http://singlefeed.com ChannelIntelligence: http://ciboost.com Osvaldo Spadano
www.spadano.net About me Former CTO and co-founder of Venda.com, pioneer of SaaS Commerce & global provider

22 years of Internet industry, 11 in eCommerce

CTO of various B2C Online Retailers

10+ years of thought leadership and applied Lean thinking www.site.com en-GB
British English de-DE
German Root Category Website Store Store View DO NOT define your market at Store View level Reporting Provide an overview in a common currency and drill down into a market using its own currency.

Invest into a B.I. / Reporting platform, e.g. : http://tableausoftware.com http://bimeanalytics.com http://qlikview.com http://rjmetrics.com Backend Backend platform A broad area, but vital to support operational excellence, the best strategic weapon!

Magento doesn't track stock level movements!

Invest in a backend platform, e.g. : http://openerp.com http://netsuite.com http://brightpearl.com London, 20/03/2013
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