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No description

Jessica Morgan

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Drones

What is a Drone?
There are several different types of drones! To give you a general idea, they are flying machines, usually small, and are controlled by humans outside of it. This technology can be useful for many things.
Drones are useful for keeping an eye on wildlife, too. As long as animals are not disturbed by the drones, poachers and other dangers could be kept away.
Drones are being used in war, too. The flying machines can save time and human lives, as well as allowing people to spend time with family rather than in an airplane.
Military drones would be much better at spying than actually going into combat, however. It would be hard to equip a small drone with any powerful weapons.
In Conclusion...
Drones may be some of the most useful technology yet. They save money, time, and human lives. It may be a while before they are permitted to fly the skies again, but when they do, drones will certainly make a difference.
Drones may be used for delivering items. Can you imagine your item you ordered off eBay being placed at your door, with the "whirring" sound of a drone? Although this type of movement has been temporarily banned, companies like Amazon are still looking into it.
Are Drones Good for the Environment?
By Jessica Morgan, Thessa Ryan, Theron Payne, Malachi Pacheco-Jackson
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