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Senior Project Experience

My senior project experience

Fallon Orr

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project Experience

For my project, I job shadowed and volunteered with a local veterinarian, took a market beef project, and wrote a research paper. My Senior Project Community Service and Volunteer work Writing my first long research paper My Market Beef Project My senior project is just the beginning. My senior project is the first big step toward my goal of becoming a vet. The community service and volunteer hours I preformed will help me in achieving my future goals. Writing research papers are essential to any medical field. The ability to write a solid paper will benefit me greatly. Taking my first market beef project in the Lewis County fair helped me to better my understanding of the beef industry. My future in this industry Stepping Stones to My Future Aspects of my Project
Volunteer work
Real Life Experience
Job Shadowing
Market Steer Project Organization and event management LC Eagles Football Camp
Keeping a record book
Organizing my time Real World Experience How to Job Shadow
Actively watching surgeries
Asking educated and logical questions Project Goals:
To learn applicable skills to this field
Watch at least one canine and one feline surgery
Learn more about the beef industry
Ask advise for getting into Vet School How do I get into get school? Job shadowing
volunteer work
working with many kinds of animals
asking good questions
excel in math and science Finding a topic broad enough to research Finding good sources
How to write in MLA format
how to cite sources
how to conduct an interview I picked this topic because it is hard to find large animal vets, and I wanted to know why, and what the impacts in our growing world. An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
-Martin Buber My Research paper

Why is there a shortage of large animal veterinarians, and how does this effect society, specifically the food industry. Skills acquired and honed Dedication
time management
How to show a steer
community service
how to handle a steer This project allowed me to see how this industry works, learn more about these animals, and converse with ranchers about their day to day activities. Understanding this industry is essential to becoming a vet that works with these animals.

I also was able to learn about wart shots, ring worm and other common ailments. All of these experiences come together to help me reach my goals of becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine. These were small stepping stones on my path to this life long dream. Community service My market Steer Project Volunteer Experience Writing a collage level research paper This will make my resume for vet school and jobs irresistible. These experiences have helped me ready myself for many more volunteer experiences, and gave me real world experience. Learning how to do this now, will help me with future research papers. This experience was invaluable. This project gave me valuable skills, and allowed me to understand the market beef industry. My Vet Tech Class This class has taught me valuable information about the basics of this profession. Vet Tech Class In this class, we explored an introduction to this profession. Classroom Explorations Reproductive Tract dissection
Anatomy and physiology
Shots This class helped us to explore the terminology and applications of being a vet technician. Any Questions? Our food coloring injected steak Cow Reproductive Tract Dissection
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