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Solving the Specialization Puzzle

No description

Christopher Butcher

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Solving the Specialization Puzzle

Solving the specialization puzzle
ion Process

Identify Temporal Scope
Identify Focus Areas
Does practice change
over time?

entry level vs. 5 years? 10 years?
CDR Practice Analysis Examples
Earlier-what's the difference between entry-level and beyond-entry-level practice?
2012-2014 -Practice Competencies

2015 NCCPA Practice Analysis Example -

- to include study of practice over time
- to include study of specialties
Continuing what?
Cover everything
Cover a bit of everything
Cover a lot of something
Business planning
I want to document competencies
I want a new job
30 Units
4 Units in each Competency Area
12 Units at an advanced level
1 Psychokinetic exercise
within 4 years
Continuing Education
Behavior-Based Interview
Practice Improvement Module
Mentoring relationship
Multisource Fedback
Patient Feedback
A Central Dilemma
NCCA Accreditation Proposed Standard 22

The certification program must require periodic recertification.

Essential Element E. The certification program may select from among various recertification mechanisms, but regardless of the mechanism used, the program must document how the mechanism supports the purpose of maintaining competence.
I want to be able to change specialties without limitation.
Test me in what I do!
Commentary 5. Continuing competence may be defined differently than initial competence to account for role differentiation over time. For example, the range of services provided by a certificant may narrow over time due to concentration in a specialized area of service, and the certificant’s range of competence may narrow.
Commentary 12. If a certification program allows certificants to select from among multiple recertification options, then the certification program should document how each option links to the common goal of maintaining competence.
Regulatory Concerns
First, do no harm
Second, do not open your licensing law
How "different" can the designation be and still be the same credential?

Program Development Costs
Program Administration Costs
Technology Costs
Socialization costs
Program revenue
Capital sources
External sources
Does it need to be self-sufficient?
public protection vs. profit
Umbrella models

Expectations vs reality
What actually happens

Commentary 10. Recertification requirements may differ for more recent certificants as compared to certificants from earlier years, but all certificants must be held to some form of recertification requirements that support the goal of maintaining competence. Different requirements may be the result of the need to balance the desire to advance requirements for the future of the profession with the need to maintain the contract made with earlier certificants.
Organizational Relationships

Online/Testing Center?
Credential Delineation?
Regulatory acceptance?
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