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Micro Teaching for Merry Puspita (Narrative Text)

No description

Vieri Adhi

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Micro Teaching for Merry Puspita (Narrative Text)

What story is this?
The Fairy Tulip
Once upon a time, there was a good old woman who lived in a little house. She had a bed in her beautiful striped tulip garden. One night, she was awakened by the sound of sweet singing and babies laughing. The sounds seemed to come from the tulip bed., but she could see nothing.
On the following night she was again awakened by the sweet singing and the babies' laughing. She arose and walked quietly to the garden. To her surprise, she saw a little fairy mother crooning and rocking athe flower like a cradle. In each cup of the flower lay a little fairy baby playing and laughing.
The old woman walked back to her house, and from that time on she never picked the flowers, nor did she allow her neighbours to touch them.
Adverb of Time
Specific Character(s)
Past Tense
Action Verbs
Time Conjunction(s)
Now make a narrative text in group!

As your individual homework,
make a narrative text
and give
the analysis about the generic structure and language features
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