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English 12 Choices

No description

Bridgette Gallagher

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of English 12 Choices

English 12 Choices
Our full year courses for 12th graders
English 12
Every course will study literature, non-fiction supplementary articles and complete a full length research paper in addition to completing a unit in the college resume and college essay.
Critical Thinking
Science Fiction and Fantasy
The Art of Writing
When you meet with your counselor in the next couple weeks, you will have options when it comes to your English 12 choices for next year. This Prezi is to assure you have all the information you need to make that choice!!!
Literature Across Cultures

21st Century Academy
Literary Traditions
Advanced Placement Courses:

You can take either AP Language
or AP Literature in grade 12.

Both courses are set by college board and have a capstone in taking the AP exam in May. While AP Lang investigates non-fiction and the art of rhetoric, AP LIT is grounded in classic literature and literary analysis. Check out the College Board website for more information!

To be eligible, you MUST submit a portfolio in order to be admitted either AP course, this portfolio is typically due mid-March.
Literature and Film
Students who love analyzing films and literature through similar lenses will thoroughly enjoy this course. Students will explore timeless issues in both classic and contemporary literature and film through independent and group papers and projects and journal writing. Some titles include:
Stand By Me
, T
he Shawshank Redemption
, and
The Catcher in the Rye.

Students who already love or are interested in learning more about the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy will love this course. Discovering dystopian, future, alien, magical and fantastical worlds is only a small part of this course. Students will also analyze various works of both the Science Fiction and Fantasy canons in order to get a well-rounded exposure to the genres.
Journalism is open to juniors and to seniors. Students who have an interest in writing and exploring journalism's role in society will love this course. Students will learn the craft of writing different types of articles, interviewing and various editing and revising processes. Students of Journalism also report on campus events during class. Many publish in
The Lightning Rod.
Develop your critical thinking through the scrutiny of global, national, and personal issues such as violence, economic justice, gender matters, and free speech! We will study both classic and contemporary literature, deconstruct nonfiction works, and analyze the art of persuasion. This course is designed to prepare you for college level reading, writing, and discussion.
In this course, students will read and analyze classic pieces of the literary canon including The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, Death of a Salesman and other various novels, dramas, essays and articles.
This course is for the creative writer! You will have the opportunity to read and write in various genres of literature. Through analysis of writing practice as well as specific writing prompts and exercises, you will compose a variety of polished full length creative pieces.
This course is meant for the reader and writer who has an interest in the struggles different minorities have experienced and how that has been portrayed in literature. The literature will not be limited to one particular group or time period but will give a well rounded portrayal of the many difficulties literary characters have had simply because of the color of their skin, their gender, their religion or their social class.
This course is for the critical thinker who wants to learn more about history through the literture they read.
Contemporary Literature
This course is for the student who wants to read contemporary fiction and non-fiction. Students will read novels as a class as well as independently and use their analysis to help inform literary essays, Socratic disucssions, creative projects and presentations. Students will also study ancillary genres such as children's literature, contemporary films based on novels and young adult literature.
Students who enjoy team and project based problem solving will love this course. Designed as a multi-discplinary collaborative course, students have the opportunity to investigate and research real world issues and problems and create solutions both individually and as part of a team.

Students who enjoy a classroom where the exchange of ideas and information is more collegial in nature rather than disseminated from a teacher will like 21st Century Academy. It's a classroom designed to be student centered rather than curriculum centered. With as much teacher-student collaboration as student-student collaboration.
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