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Your Internet Privacy & Web2.0 Tools

No description

Kevin Corbett

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Your Internet Privacy & Web2.0 Tools

Hi! I'm Amanda Montgomery
My Digital Story
About ME
I go to Huntington Beach High School
It's a mile from the Beach
I won't lie, we skip-out and hang-out there all the time..wouldn't you? ;)
This is MY house on Google Maps
You can see our pool & my room
My mom & sister= FAMILY is IMPORTANT
My mom got divorced a couple years ago. It was really nasty but she had good attorneys so we got the beach house, which was cool. My dad's in jail because he was on drugs but it's okay now because jail was like rehab. I don't see him much but that's okay because he hit me alot. Now I hate men.
I love my mom & sister so much that family is really important.
My Favorite things
Work at the Mall
I love working nights at the mall on weekends & getting a paycheck. My Social Security # is: 332-20-9833 & I'm a really hard worker
2011 Convertible. License: NOC LU3
My driver's licence is: MONTGAB418A8
I'm a responsible driver. NO Tickets!
My friends call me "Mandy Pandy"
My phone is so cool. I take tons of pictures & post'em on Facebook! Check-out my page at
My phone# is cool: 404-404-4474 lots of 4's!
My cool Blackberry
Real Name or pseudonym?
First AND Last Name?
A real or fake picture?
NO REASON for a student to provide:
an address
area or location information
REPEAT: NO REASON to provide:
map, address, location
TMI "Too Much Information"
You're NEVER required to divulge personal or painful information of ANY kind.
YOU regulate what you post online. Keep personal information...personal (=OFF-line)
WTMI "Way Too Much Information"
Your Social Security number
Where you can be found or when you're not home.
Personal Identifying information that could be used to steal your identity, access your bank, or other personal accounts.
..is the SECURITY of (1) people AND
(2) their information, when using the Internet.

This includes actions on, and visits to web sites AND emails you send & respond to.
*you* are in-charge!
NEVER give out your personal information.

There will be attempts to trick you-- if the offer or person is too good to be true, it is probably a scam to avoid.
Childrens' Books
Early readers reinforce the need to protect yourself by not talking to people you don't know.
We Avoid Strangers
on the highway
The Information
On the real highway or the Internet caution is required.
Never give out personal information to people who ask or web sites that require you to fill-out information.
NEVER give out passwords or account numbers.
Popular Scams
Send us your bank account info and we'll transfer money into it as a payment for helping us get funds out of the foreign country ruled by an evil dictator.
Somebody hacked your account. Send us your password to verify and we'll reset it.
You're pre-approved for a credit loan.
We're trying to verify your email address. Send an email with your PIN (or password)
You won! Send us your information so we can deposit the money (or send the check.)
for students
Be Careful Posting
You can't UN-See
Blogging is great for educational & professional reflection. Posting on web sites makes your thoughts & information available to the world. Think before posting
The world's #1 Social Media site tracks everything you do online. Everything you post is saved and can be recovered after deletion. You think only your "friends" can see it but...anyone can.
Anything can be found on the Internet.
This requires students to be APPROPRIATE users and only go to sites that are age & subject appropriate and/or sanctioned by their school.
You cannot un-see something and accessing inappropriate content in schools is NEVER acceptable. This can lead to disciplinary action. The Internet is a powerful tool that MUST be used for "good" and when it's not, consequences should follow.
Hi! I'm Mandy
My Digital Story
About ME
I go to Huntington Beach High School
It's a mile from the Beach
It's a great school near the beach
Favorite School
My mom & sister= FAMILY is IMPORTANT
When families work together you really realize how important they are. I'm fortunate to have supportive family members and it makes me understand the responsibility I have to be respectful and responsible because we're all working together!
My Favorite things
Work at the Mall
I like to work and earn my own money so I don't have to bother my mom. The mall gives me a chance to be social and professional!
I'm proud that I earned the money for my car myself. Most of my friends were given their cars, which is cool but, I think I'm more responsible now
My phone is so cool. I take tons of pictures & post'em on social media sites for all my friends to remember and enjoy the good times we share together.
My cool Blackberry
Nickname only
Group of friends not just me
A real or fake picture?
General school picture
Information is on the Internet
Cut the personal house photo
Add Academic Interests & Explanation
Note: Photo credits from external sources
Emphasize the POSITIVE
You're NEVER required to divulge personal or painful information of ANY kind.
YOU regulate what you post online. Keep personal information...personal (=OFF-line)
NO personal account information
Personal meaning is given to the selections
Me & my friends
I like Science because I'm naturally curious and analytical.
My teachers tell me I'm skilled in the Scientific Method and that positive reinforcement makes me feel good about a future career in the sciences.
Being part of a team and working hard to accomplish a goal are important to me.
Playing on our school's lacrosse team is great exercise and I enjoy the camaraderie.
Good friends are valuable & I'm learning I have to let the bad ones go.
Pic: New Hampshire High School Sports http://www.nh-highschoolsports.com
Pic: Alabama A&M University
Let's Try Again
You Control the Input & Output
Never devulge any personal information you don't feel comfortable with having publicly available. NEVER any personal account information
Only Search & Click on links you know are appropriate. Be self-disciplined to avoid other disruptive web sites.
Be Productive
Have Fun!
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