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What is Media Literacy?

In Media Literacy 101, we try to define what the term means.

Tessa Petrocco

on 24 July 2012

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Transcript of What is Media Literacy?

MEDIA LITERACY 101 Lesson 1: What is Media Literacy? Before we can define “media literacy”, let’s try to define what “media” and “literacy” mean... Dictionary.com defines "media" as: a noun: the means of communication that reach or influence people widely. BUT NOT SO FAST! With the uprising of the Internet, the definition of “media” itself has changed to include what we call “new media” Dictionary.com defines "literacy" as: a noun: the ability to read and write; possession of knowledge So what’s “new media”? Now that we have “media” defined, let’s move onto the second part: “literacy” So, we have our definition right? Well, as it is with most things with life, it’s not that simple to define While we do use basic literacy skills with media, consider these as a part of media literacy too: SHARE read and use as much media as possible. The more you physically and mentally know, the more you… not just a simple equation like: UNDERSTAND CONSUME Can be: Or: Can also be: Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook when he was 20 years old. Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone created Twitter while they were under 35 years old. Tucker Max became a New York Times bestselling author and had a biopic of his life created before he was the age of 34. Christopher Paolini has published an entire fantasy novel series, of which the first book "Eragon" was adapted for film. He's currently 28 years old. Finally, your experiences! SHARE What does the Twitterverse think "media literacy" means? IN THE END when you become media literate, the world literally rests at your fingertips! Essentially, it's media that is not only digital, but also interactive. A key part of understanding is to , and you're the first step! CREATE TELL ME! Which forms of media do YOU use on a daily basis?
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