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Modern art

No description

Sarah Kinnison

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Modern art

He was born on August 6th, 1928
He was the most legendary artist of the 20th century
His inspiration for his "Campbell's Tomato Soup" picture was for the 20 years that he spent living at his parents house he ate nothing but tomato soup, so, he made one of his most famous pieces: "Campbell's Soup".
Andy Warhol was a YouTube sensasion. he was filmed and put on YouTube by a friend. The video was titled, "Andy Warhol eats a HAMBURGER. " It reached over 700,000 views!
He was very famous for his "Pop Art" photos drawn out to be distorted by different colors.
Facts About Andy Warhol
Bridget Riley
Video Games
In a survey taken by us, out of 58 people, 29 6th graders and 29 teachers, about 81% answered that they thought the animation of video games are an art. About 10% said that they did not think that the animation of video games was an art. About 8% said that they weren’t sure. Exact numbers: 81.03448276% said yes, 10.34482759% said no, and 8.62068955% said they were unsure.
Is photography Modern Art?
Intro to Modern Art
Modern Art
Survey Results
Survey Results
In an extremely recent survey of highly intelligent individuals (i.e. we asked a bunch of our friends) it revealed that most people (80%) think that photography is a form of modern art.
10% do not, and 10% think it depends.
Bridget Riley, born on April 24 of 1931, creates Op Art (artsy term for optical art) and went to three different colleges in a time span of 9 years. She currently lives and works in England at the age of 82 and is very healthy. One of the most interesting things she did was design the interior of the Royal Liverpool hospital, in which she used rather dull colors compared to her usual bright works.
By Zee, Sarah, & Lillian
Our essential question is- How does modern art affect our daily lives? The following presentaion will tell you about how we learned about modern art and ultimately leading up to the answer to our question. (hopefully):)
There is much debate about whether or not video games should be considered art or not. We think that they should be considered art. The video game itself might not be modern art, but the animations and the ideas are modern, making them, in our perspective, modern art. In 1789, for example, people would most likely not think up of the idea of a little guy dressed in red jumping on little brown mushroom like things and riding a weird turtleish animal like a horse to get to an ending point and collecting little coins along the way would be a decent entertainment for a child. Or that a little puffy pink ball would go along battling mutated puffer fish to rebuild a ship and then fighting a four headed dragon that can split into four little tiny dragons would be good entertainment for a child age ten and up. The Museum of Modern Art in New York is actually putting video games on display (see picture below)

Technically, photography is and is not modern art.
Depending on how you look at it, photography can be a form of modern art. Typically modern art consists of abstract images or something looked at in a different perspective than normal.
There is a special type of photography called modern photo art. Modern photo art is the type of photography explicitly declared modern art. A known modern art photographer is Todd Davis. He lives here in America and his most famous work is a series called the Viscosity Series. It is photographs of liquids mixed together.

Facts on Robert Mangold
Robert Mangold was born on October 12, 1937 (72 years).
He is a metalworker and painter.
He lives in Washingtonville, New York.
His most important sculpture series is called PTTSAAES.
He started out by creating freestanding metal sculptures then eventually moved on to canvas
“If you don’t want to work your butt off, then find a different profession [than a sculpture artist].” -Robert Mangold
His paintings have touches of sculpture in them as they are different canvases fused together.
Ever heard of the magazine "Interview"? Well, Warhol was the person who came up with the idea!
He died on Febuary 22, 1987 because one of his co-workers ended up shooting him because of jealousy.
Pics For Bridget Riley

Pictures for Robert Mangold
Modern Art in Our Homes
Some modern art in our homes are pillows and curtains. These are good examples of modern art effects in our lives because we participate in staring at pillows a lot. People add these affects and accents to their rooms because they often have solid colored walls and the pillows/curtains/rugs/couches etc. add to the room very nicely.

Pics for Modern Art Furniture
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Who are we to judge how modern art affects us? It affects us all differently. Whether it be the couch we sit on, the pillow we scream in when we get mad ;), the curtain we peek out of, the photography we see, or the video game we play, everything is modern art if you think it is.

Andy Warhol
History of Modern art
Impressionism (1870- 1890):
Originated in France
Known for its light color and nature
Tried to impersonate weather conditions
Post Impressionism (1885-1905):
Continued time for Impressionism
Adapted to the modern times
Abstract Art (1907 - onwards):
'Abstract' means to withdraw part of something in order to consider it separately.
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