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Magic Charms & Divination

No description

bozz makasalanan

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Magic Charms & Divination

Magic Charms & Divination
Ancient Filipinos are quite superstitious and put much stock into divination and magic charms .
interpreted signs in nature as good or bad omens depending on the circumstances .
like flight of birds , the barking of dogs and the singing of lizards .
consulted with pangatauhan or soothsayers to tell their fortunes
Magic Charms
belief in the existence of the aswang, mangkukulam , manggagaway , tiyanak and the tikbalang .
amulets were also used by the ancient Filipinos .
like the anting-anting , gayuma , tagabulag and tagahupa .
Charms and Divination
beliefs were or eradicated with the coming of the western civilization .
most of these beliefs were practiced behind the backs of the Christian missionaries .
Charms & Divination
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