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Pathos - Appealing to the Heart

How do you effectively appeal to the emotions of people in order to persuade them to a point of view?

Nancy Cornell-Healy

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Pathos - Appealing to the Heart

PATHOS Persuasion and Appealing to the Heart What is Aristotle points out that emotions such as anger, pity, fear, and their opposites, powerfully influence our rational judgments. What makes an emotional appeal effective? The Greek philosopher Aristotle defined THREE types of persuasive APPEALS:
Pathos appeals to audience by establishing character and credibility appeals to the audience's logic and reasoning appeals to the audience's How does this image make you Appealing to PATHOS or an audience's emotion can... establish a connection between the writer or speaker and the audience increase the audience's CONVICTION about a subject create a vivid image for the audience help an audience identify with a subject through narratives Consider this.... You have established
credibility and character.... In 2008 the Democratic primaries left many
supporters disappointed and others jubilant. There was a need for unity. establish a connection.... When does an emotional appeal make sense? People may find you CREDIBLE People may believe your FACTS But people may not believe you understand or identify with them How could that be established? famous speeches aimed at PATHOS Martin luther King's "I Have a Dream" Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" Ronald Reagan's "Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster" PATHOS? FEEL? ETHOS What tools can you use? or This What are these meant to convey to the audience? FEAR.... Fear is an emotional response the audience may have.
Fear can be a powerful motivator in persuasion. What other tools can a "rhetor" - writer or speaker
use to reach an audience's EMOTIONS? HUMOR... Humor can be an effective tool. People may laugh,
but they also may hear your message in a less threatening way.... But what about all those wonderful, historical speeches? Inspiration - a call to something greater also speaks to emotion.... Using a PATHOS appeal effectively... Humor and laughter can ease
the audience into your message Create empathy in our audience. Help them to
identify with you and your cause. Inspire your audience to feel and see
something greater Establish a connection with your audience
so they can connect to your message YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO UNDERSTANDING
OF THE ART OF Part Persuasion! watch Bill Maher talk politics through humor (Edlund) (Comedy Central) (Comedy Central) (The Rachel Maddow Show) (Real Time with Bill Maher) (Maher) (Clinton) (Lawler) (Politics) (Reading Arguments) (Democratic Daisy TV Ad for 1964) (Barracuda brigade) (Politico) (John F. Kennedy Library) (The King Archive) (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library) (Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum) Works Cited EMOTIONS
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