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Untitled Prezi

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cambria cortez

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Cast Members
Cambria Cortez - Jennifer Lopez
Brian Ayub - John Stamos
Rosy Cortez - Constance Marie
Ricky Cortez - George Lopez
Mitzy Cortez - Mia Talerico
John Stamos as Brian Ayub. They both think they're so tough ,but deep down they know they care and are emotional. They're really cute also.
Jennifer Lopez as me because I have been told we have the same face shape. She's caring just like me. She's also a cougar.
Mia Talerico (Charlie from Good Luck Charlie) as my little sister Mitzy Cortez. They're the same age and both have big eyes.
George Lopez as my daddy. They're both Mexican and dark skinned and not so handsom.
Constance Marie as my mother. I feel like they look alike in some sort of way.
It Is What It Is
Well I love this song because I'm so in love. Also because it's relaxing to listen to.
Brian enjoys rapping. He doesnt have many on YouTube but this is one of his raps.
No, my mom isn't heart broken. I just like this song because the singer looks old like my mom.
I'm daddy's little girl still. Even though my sister is his last daughter he still says I'm his little girl. We danced it together the day of my fifteen.
My little sister listens to this song all day. She knows all the words to it also. I think it's cute.
Background music
Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
I love this song because it is meaningful to me. I feel like everyone should love themselves for how they look. When I'm upset I listen to this song. I have been hearing this song for as long as I can remember. Christina Aguilera has the most beautiful voice ever.
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