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Benan Uçar

on 5 July 2015

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who is Owen Sheers ?
Born in 1974
Welsh poet
He generally writes about love and family
December,2011 he became a first writer in residence at the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU)
Masters in creative writing.
Stanzas standing for mother, father, grandfather respectively which contributes the theme of family relationships.
Consists of 3 stanzas but have no regular rhyme scheme (free verse)
Persona and the speaker is the poet himself.
Enjambments and caesura used in poem.
There is a time shifting in the poem by using the theme of aging in second and third stanza. (father-grandfather)
The poet fasten upon the family relationships, aging, progression of time and family routine.
"Dismal" tone is used in the poem.
Sheers selects to use of metaphors,imagery and alliteration to strengthen the meaning.
The word choice and separating stanzas helps reader to understand the poem better.
First stanza is about the poet's mother.
"... space between her open arms is reserved for a child, not this body of a man."
In this line Sheers talking about his growing up. When he is a child her mother's hug is useful and full of love for him but now this body of a man which is a young adult of himself, hug is awkward and imcommodious. (He refers himself as a body of a man)
"In the kitchen she kneads the dough, flipping it and patting before laying in again."
Now, Owen Sheers talking about the daily routine of that day. Her mother makes a meal and the poet gives details of kneading the dough. When she remolds the dough, she also smoothing out wrinkles which can be interpreted that her mother wants everything to be perfect. Even though the simple dough should be smooth. (The word "patting" can be symbolized with endearment)
Awkward: Difficult,embrassing or not attractive.
To knead: To press and shape the mixture for making bread firmly and repeatedly with your hands.
To pat: To touch a person or animal with a flat hand in a gentle, friendly way.
Wrinkle: A small fold in a piece of cloth
Flour is surrounding the wrinkles of the dough as if they were flaws. Hence, the poet gives the idea that dough represents the woman who wants to be perfect since she is trying to cover those wrinkles. The dough is embodiment of his mother. As can be seen from the line
"smoothing out wrinkles"
she wants to hide them since she sees them as her past and her flaws. This makes it a complex metaphor.
In the second stanza Owen explains the themes of poet’s dad. He talks about his father and he always goes and works a lot.
Sheers describes the situation and the appearance of his dad with the line
”He works on a hole that reappears every winter –its edges laced with wet wool”
Sheers uses imagery to visualize the situation on the reader’s mind.
The poet selects to use metaphor by the phrase
”frozen breaths”
because of the air condition and the hard working conditions.
Sheers illustrates the description for his father by using metaphors so he strengthens the meaning.
By the Word 'wild' he uses the technique metaphor when the father comes back to the home his hair becomes wild. Maybe, for difficult work conditions and tiredness his hair becomes wild.
Repetation of the “w” sound in line
“with wet wool“
Sheers uses alliteration to make a rhythm and creates a harmony.
The poem “Coming Home” by Owen Sheers describes a visit home by the poet himself and the passage of time. Throughout the poem Sheers describes his family stanza by stanza by separating them into 3 parts. In the first stanza he explains his mother,in the second one his father and finally he explains his grandfather. By these stanzas he gives general information and the situation which they live with. Also, the daily routine of that house.
Soak: If you soak something, or let it soak, you put it in a liquid for a period of time.
Hedge: A row of bushes growing close together, often used to divide land into separate areas.
Edge: The part around something that is furthest from the center.
Blackthorn: A small, sharp point on the stem of a plant with a dark color.
Hay: Dried grass for animals to eat

To pour: To make a liquid flow from or into a container.
Unsteady: Moving slightly from side to side, as if you might fall.
Shiver: To shake because you are cold or frightened.
In the third stanza the speaker talks about his grandfather while he sitting and drinking wine.
His hands are shaking and causes noise by hitting the bottle and the glass unpurposely which shows that the grandfather is old. The line
“its a tune he plays faster each year”
shows that the grandfather gets older and older quickly by the years.
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