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History of the hole in the ozone layer for a chemistry procject

Becca Emery

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of BEmery

History of the hole in the Ozone
F. Sherwood Roland
Mario J. Molina
Proved in 1974 that
could break down Ozone
Regular measurements of the ozone thickness began in 1956 at Halley Bay, Antarctica.
In 1978, the satellite Nimbus 7 began taking global measurements of the ozone layer.
Nimbus 7
Stratospheric ice particles above
Antarctica provide a surface on which
chemical reactions take place that
produce ozone-destroying molecules.
the U.S. and other countries
banned Cfcs after seeing the
research of Farman, Gardinar
and Shanklin which predicted
the ozone would be severley
depleated by cfcs.
Cl + O3 ClO + O2
ClO + O3 Cl + 2 O2
1987: the Montreal Protocol on Substances
that Deplete the Ozone Layer

ozone levels decreased
more than natural cycles
could have caused.
skin cancer
harm to crops/ cyanobacteria
ozone molecules form a
thin layer around the globe.
They block radiation from the
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