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Printmaking Lesson Plan

No description

Kyle Nowak

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Printmaking Lesson Plan

A Walk on the Beach Elementary Art Methods
AVT 691, Fall 2012
Erin Jacobs Objectives:
1. thumbnail sketches of shell or fossil
2. final drawing of abstracted form
3. safely creating linoleum print
4. finished print on paper
5. reflection and PMI Agenda:
1. introduction and prezi
2. look at books for research
3. pick one shell or fossil idea
4. go back to seats and start sketching
5. draw an abstracted form trying out
different color combinations
6. choose a final drawing and transfer
it to your linoleum block
7. begin cutting your block
8. make a print
9. sign and number print
10. hang up print to display A 5th Grade Printmaking Lesson Plan Challenge Create a two color abstract relief print
inspired by shells or fossils you might find
while you walk on the beach. Petoskey Stones fossils seashells process exemplars
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