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The Hero's Journey - Iron Man

No description

Brandon Carter

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey - Iron Man

The Hero's Journey
Iron Man
by Mr. Carter
Hero's Journey
Ordinary World
Other World
Refusal of the Call
Shrapnel Injury
Arc reactor is keeping him alive
Running low on power
When power runs out, Tony will die
Stark Gives Up
Refuses to build
Waits for death
Crossing the First Threshold
Stark creates the first Iron Man suit
Escapes the cave prison
Yensin gives his life
Stark fights out and destroys the base
The Road Back
Now leads 2 lives
Iron Man
Finds that Stain has hired the 10 Rings
The Approach
Works on new suit designs
Trying to figure out flight
Awkward and painful tests
Overcomes setbacks and is ready to begin hero work
Return with Elixir
Tony returns as to Stark Enterprises
"I am Iron Man"
Stain Steals Arc Rector
Stark Faces Stain
Pinned down and losing
Stark defeats Stain
Meeting with Mentor
Built device
"The man who has everything yet nothing" (Iron Man)
Encourages Stark to find a way out
Reward: Seizing of the Sword
First time Tony is not totally narcissistic
Air Force recognizes his potential power for good
Regular World
Anthony "Tony" Stark
Early Life
CEO of Stark Enterprises
Publicly Known Figure
Weapon Demonstration
The Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth
Attempts to take down 10 Rings in Afghanistan
Accidentally flies into a U.S. "no-fly-zone"
Fighter planes
Tony saves a pilot
Risked his life for someone else
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Prevents Weapon Development
Pepper Potts
Col. James Rhodes
Obadiah Stain
10 Rings Leader
Call to Adventure
Ambushed and Captured by Terrorists (10 Rings)
Only Survivor
Injured by mortar
Forced to build missiles for terrorists
Hero Type 2
Stark's Superiority
Intelligence - Engineering
Iron Man suit
Tony's Humanity
Subject to Public
Heart-shrapnel injury
Works Cited
You will have a works cited page that we will work with based on your bib cards.

We will use this presentation as an example so we can practice citing a presentation in class.
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