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Differences and Similarities between Brazilian food and Amer

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Matheus Santos

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Differences and Similarities between Brazilian food and Amer

Differences and Similarities between Brazilian food and American food
- Introduction
Brazilian cuisine;
The U.S.A cuisine.
- Influences

- General Features and the way that people eat their meals (U.S.A/Brazil)

- Fast Food

- Conclusion
Brazilian cuisine
European and African influences;
It varies greatly by region;
Results: A national cuisine marked by the preservation of regional differences.

American cuisine
European colonization/native population;
Many ingredients and cooking styles;
Immigrants: developed a rich diversity in food preparation.

- Both U.S.A and BR= Immigrants;
- Country's size and regions;
U.S.A= distinctive cuisine, totally diverse;
Brazil= famous culinary staples.
- American cuisine = too much ethnic influence;

General Features and the way that people eat their meals (U.S.A/Brazil)
Common breakfast, lunch and dinner.
However both countries differ in what people eat and how much.


Brazil = Heavier than dinner. U.S.A= more variety
Hot foods/ Rice and beans

While we Brazilians have the habit of making our own meal at home, Americans prefer to go out to have dinner.

Matheus Santos
Speaking Class

Americans eat pizza with their hands whereas Brazilians eat pizza with forks and knifes
- Americans Love fast food;
- Unhealthy food;
Healthy food
Junk food
$ 5.5
$ 4.6
As a result, it is cheaper to make your own meal in Brazil than to eat fast food. However, the opposite is not true in U.S.A!
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