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French Wine and Cheese trade issues

No description

Camille Saubiette

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of French Wine and Cheese trade issues

TRADE ISSUES France: major exporter of cheese and wine in the world 640 000 tones of cheese exported in 2010 => 2.5 billions € Wine= symbol of French Heritage
Important product for the balance of trade Nowadays facing the increasing foreign competition WINE Exportation in 2011: 10 billion € Increasing demand from emerging countries
=> represent 10% of the exportations BUT Important international competition The reasons: The AOC Label is a limit in a global market Lack of commercial drive CHEESE Vision of a quality product Sanitary restrictions limit the exportation of this product Consequences => copy of the French recipes HOWEVER France is not the 1st world producer Major demand for French cheese: Europe Very important product in the agro alimentary sector => essential for the French Economy RISKS: Loss of authentic image of the French products Global competition leading to standardized products How to represent the fine heritage from France abroad without scorning our own culture? The trade issues facing the French Wine and Cheese industries Use of marketing strategies Concerning the Wine :
"Made in France" label
Work on the commercial image
Cooperation between the small producers
Create a reference basis for the different products available in stores
Collaboration with Asia Concerning the Cheese:
Reinforce the image of the traditional aspect of the French cheese abroad
Defend the value of the French recipes The strategies:
Show a better quality product than the competition
Incite the French producers to stay in France instead of settling down abroad
Highlight the fact that buying a French product in buying a part of our unique heritage To sum up : French fine heritage loosing its extent
Emerging countries enter the market with cheaper recipes
We have to use the marketing tools in order to protect our products
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