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by Christina Hardy

Career Services

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of Self-Assess

Translate your uniqueness into a career - know yourself!
YSU students and alumni
Professional employment
Extraverts -
Assessments – why?
They help you find out what makes you special !
by knowing what makes you unique - you will be able to contribute the best of who you are to society through your career
Success begins with self -awareness
Leisure time

What are your -
What is your signature tune?
Leisure time

What are your -
What is your signature tune?
Are you an Extravert or an Introvert?

Constructive and practical?

Analytical or Problem Solving oriented?

creatively oriented?

human relations oriented?

leadership oriented?

administratively or business oriented?

What are your Interests?
(The Holland Code)
Extrovert Introvert

Sensing Intuiting

Thinking Feeling

Planner (Judging) Spontaneous (Perceiving)

What are your personality characteristics?

Tend to:
Be energized by being with others
Enjoy social interaction
Need external stimulus and input
Have many friends & acquaintances
Prefer action over reflection
Share thoughts freely— easy to know
Enjoy working in groups

Introverts -

Tend to:
Be private and inwardly focused
Receive energy from their inner worlds
Have a select/small circle of friends
Learn best through processing on their own
Prefer reflection over action
Enjoy working alone—or with 1 or 2 others
Need time alone to reenergize self

ype in Action! © 2002 by Barbara D. Mathews and Catharine A. Larkin. Illustration © 2002 by Barbara D. Mathews.
Published by CPP, Inc. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this master for workshop use. Duplication for any other use, including resale, is a violation of copyright law.

Tend to:
Prefer to gather information in a precise and exact manner
Value the facts and that which is concrete
Need specific examples
Gain understanding thru hands-on experience
Emphasize the pragmatic
Focus on what is here and now

Tend to:
Like general concepts and theory—
i.e. strive for the whole picture
Be concerned with meanings and patterns in information
Trust “gut” feelings and inspiration
Be imaginative and creative
Attuned to possibilities in the future

How do you perceive reality?
Thinking – Feeling
Are you a thinking or feeling type?
Tend to:
Use objectivity when making decisions
Remain detached when making decisions
Prefer to use cause & effect reasoning
Have a cool and impersonal demeanor
Overlook people in favor of tasks
Be critical and analytical

Tend to:
Use subjectivity when making decisions
Strive for harmony and for things to be pleasant
Consider the effects of their decisions on other people
Overlook tasks in favor of people
Value compassion and caring
Have a warm and personal demeanor

Are you the planner (judging) or the spontaneous (perceiving) type?
Tend to:
Value order, structure and closure
Focus on goals and results
To be methodical and disciplined
Establish deadlines
Finish tasks before the deadline
Prefer no surprises
Schedule and plan to avoid anxiety

Planning (Judging) types
Tend to:
Remain open, adaptable and flexible
Enjoy surprises and being spontaneous
Reserve the right to change plans and decisions;
like to keep options open
Energized by deadlines and enjoy the last minute rush
Finish tasks at the deadline
Work best when working on different projects as interests surface

The next step is to meet with your Career Coordinator to go over your results
Thinking types
Feeling types
Spontaneous (Perceiving) types

You are done with the self-assessment!
Are you an Extravert or an Introvert?

Extraverted types
Get energized by their outer worlds; externally
Introverted types
Get energized by their inner worlds; internally
Are you the Sensing or the Intuiting type?
Are you the Thinking or the Feeling type?
Are you the Planner or the Spontaneous Type?
Jessica (extravert) and Ahmed (introvert)
Jessica (sensing) and Ahmed (intuiting)
Jessica (planner) and Ahmed (spontaneous)
Ahmed (introvert) and Jessica (extravert)
Ahmed (intuiting) and Jessica (sensing)
Ahmed (thinking) and Jessica (feeling)
Geology, Mechanical or Civil Engineering, Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy, Laboratory Technology, Exercise Science, Athletics
Accounting, Secretarial, Human Resources, Finance, Logistics & Materials Management, Information Technology, Economics, Management
Research Science, Chemistry, Botany, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Science, Anthropology, Medicine, Criminology, Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy
Landscape Design, Dance, Drama, Painting, Graphic Design, Language Arts, English, Music, Fashion Design, Art History, Africana Studies, Religious Studies
Counseling, Social Work, Career Counseling, Education, Nursing, Higher Education, Respiratory Therapy, Hospitality Management, Gerontology
Communications, Human Resource Management, International Business, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Higher Education, Law, Political Science
Career Interest Area
Career Interest Area
Career Interest Area
Career Interest Area
Career Interest Area
Career Interest Area
Know thyself and to thine own self be true.

Sensing or Intuiting?
Full transcript