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Influencer Campaign

No description

Thomas Raville

on 21 December 2017

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Transcript of Influencer Campaign

Campaign Timeline
Month 1: Awareness and Guest Blogging
Month 2: Consideration and Webinars
Month 3: Decision and Events
Month 2
Work with Ben to create 2 webinars based on his blog content and previously uncovered topics.
Blogs can serve as teasers for upcoming webinars.
Promote Webinars via small paid and organic campaigns.
Use webinars to capture and nurture MQL's.
Month 3
Host a co branded event between JumpCloud and DataJar.
Promotion campaign for the event will begin in Month 1 and will include paid display, social, blog references, email, and community outreach.
Host the event in Boulder or Denver and have specific theme and value prop.
Event topic should be middle funnel to bottom of funnel so needs to exhibit specific use cases.
Month 4-12
Promote, Promote, Promote
Month 1
Leverage Ben's built-in blog audience and influencer status to create guest blogging opportunities.
Task Ben with 2 blogs for this month expanding on his initial video and covering specifics about the uses of JumpCloud.
Determine if there is opportunity for JumpCloud expert to contribute or serve as reference to Ben's blog.
Influencer Campaign
Ben Toms, DataJar
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