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No description

makayla coleman

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of tornadoes

Makayla Coleman

Watch out! It's coming...
for you...
hour and it will make you run for
cover, and pick you up and throw
you a mile away...............................
the tornado dun dun dunnnn.
One tornado, the Tri-state, was the deadliest
tornado in U.S. history killing 695 people ...dun dun dunnnnn
see it
hates the
united states
In this amazing report I
will be talking about tornadoes
and fun facts about them. Yay!!!.
it has winds up to 300 miles an

A tornado can happen from thunder storms. It would need warm,moist air that comes from the gulf of Mexico and cool dry air that comes from Canada.When the two air masses meet,they create instability in the earths atmosphere .The change in the wind direction and the increase in the wind speed and with increasing in the height creates an invisible,horizontal spinning motion in the lower part in the earths attmosphere.Rising air that comes from with in the updraft tilts rotating air from vertical to horizontal winds.An area of the rotation, about 2-6 miles wide, that now will extend through most of the storm.

Tornadoes cause lots of damage were ever they are.Tornadoes may take lives with them as they move.Think about it picking things up like your house and your in it and the tornado spits it a mile away and your house hits another think what a nightmare.Tornadoes may take technology with them pore pore children no video games.Tornadoes can destroy anything and they do a good of a job at it to.
You know that a tornado is coming by a strong, persistent rotation in the cloud. A huge sign of a tornado is a funnel cloud that has not touched the Earth's surface yet. Another clue is that lots of debris is falling from the sky. The sky may be a greenish black color that is another way of telling that a tornado is coming. The clouds will be moving rapidly, that indicates lots of strong winds.
how it works dun dun dunnn
You must check to make sure your school and house has a plan in case a deadly tornado hits. To be safe crouch on your knees (like a rock position) with your face towards the ground and remember to put your hands over your head. You must go to your basement or a small closet in order to protect yourself. Never hide in a area that has a window or near a object that will harm or hurt you in any way. It would be great if you made a list with contact information, just in case of an emergency out of town contacts.Make sure that your whole family knows where to go,what to do,what to take, and how to be safe. Make copies of birth certificates,social security cards, and insurance information to bring with you if you need to evacuate.You need to know the closest evacuation center.
Injury may result from the direct impact of direct impact of the weather.People mite even get an injury afterwords from the broken debris like walking into a broken glass building.After a tornado has hit people mite have died or is close to death.There will be lots of cash involved to this weather for things to be fixed.Your electricity may be out and vehicles gone but this time it is not a burgler.This is what a tornado leaves you with,merry christmes and a happy new year.

My topic can effect the population of animals and people on the earth.It destroys and litters the earth by destroying glass buildings and now there is glass all over.Tornadoes can destroy trees effecting the air less trees the less air.Tornadoes can effect how your day goes and what you think is a good day it is turning into the worst. A tornado can destroy your house and you may go homeless.This is what a tornado can do to effect you dun dun dunnn......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tornadoes mostly occur in the U.S.......dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Europe and the Caribbean are also places thay can occur. Tornado Alley is a popular vacation where tornadoes can rest and relax while they destroy. Tornado Alley has the highest tornado occurrence ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Participating states of tornado alley are Texas, Kansas, Illinois,and Oklahoma .............dun dun dunnnnnn.
pore deer

Tornadoes can occur any time of year at any time and that counts for everywhere anywhere in the whole world. Tornadoes do have a time when they come out in the months of April, June, and May dun dun dun. Generally tornadoes usually occur in the South during late winter and the early spring... dun to the dun to the dun dun dun.Tornadoes occur mostly from 2-7pm dun dun dun.The tornado season depends in the state you live in.
There can be more than one at a time dun dun dun.
My favorite part of this project is that I loved that I can be able to talk about something that I like. I loved that I can learn in this project. My favorite part is the typing and searching for facts on them. I can always look back on what I learned in my Prezi and use the information if a tornado wants to say hi.I loved adding lots of pictures on my Prezi.
tornadoes are funnel tubes that stretch from the cloud above and the earths surface .Tornadoes are dangerous to life you can be with god after a tornado attack . They can pick things up and throw them .You mite need to evacuate during a tornado.You can be picked up by a tornado.
I learned that tornadoes are stronger than you think and they can destroy more than you would ever imagine. I even learned from this project that if a tornado hits what to do to hide in a small area. Tornadoes even can throw something a mile away that is what I didn't know until the Prezi. Did you know they can spin winds up to 300 miles an hour? I didn't until the Prezi.I learned how to type faster by doing this project.
I got information from family members .
I got information from www.weatherwizkids.com.
I got information stored in my head .
I got information from www.weather.com.

chapter 1: Intro to the topic.
chapter 2: The hook to you.
chapter 3:
chapter 4:
chapter 5:
Tornadoes spin winds between 65 miles per hour to 300 miles per hour.Tornadoes will destroy anything in their path; you just name it, and it is history.Tornadoes will pick up houses and move them.Tornadoes may pick up trees like they are flowers and swish them around. Heavier objects can be swept off the Earth's surface and flown around in the tornado.
A tornado is a rapidly spinning funnel tube that can destroy things in its path. They pick things up and destroy things like buildings, cars, and trees .They can kill people in a second . They touch the clouds above and the earth's crust . It can move a long way before wearing itself out (about a mile).

What I chose.
About the topic
chapter 6:What will it be about.
chapter 7 : How it happens
cause of my topic
chapter 8 :
chapter 9 : How you tell if its going to say 'hi'
chapter 10 :What it does
chapter 11: How to protect and prepare your self
Chapter 12 : The aftermath
chapter 13 : effect dun dun dun
chapter 15 : Time of year
chapter 16 :Fun facts
chapter 17 : what I learned
Chapter 18 : what I enjoyed the most
chapter 19 : Biblio
chapter 14 : occurs
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