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October Monthly Meeting 10/15/2017

No description

Grace Clark

on 15 October 2017

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Transcript of October Monthly Meeting 10/15/2017

October Monthly Meeting 10/15/2017
Shift Conflicts
Closing Procedures
1855 Desk
Both drawers need to be locked and put in the package room
The laptops, phone, & radio need to be put away in the package room
They key cabinet needs to be locked
The package room door needs to be locked
Make sure the keys are taken to UV
Site Specific Compliance
Location of PPE
The following people need to stay:
General Desk Etiquette
Uniform - no hats or hoods!
Food policy
When putting something in the Sup's bin, please put as much information on it as needed
Leaving desk unattended
Team Building
Desk Etiquette
Mail/Package Reminders
Closing Procedures
Room Moves/Departures
Thanksgiving Schedule
Site Specific Compliance
UTF mail
FWD/UTF packages
1855 mail that needs to be put in mailboxes
Missing package procedure
Team Building
Salt & Pepper
Thanksgiving Schedule
Wednesday & Sunday regular schedule
Thursday & Friday 7a-7p, one person at each desk ($5 extra/hour)
Saturday 7a-7p, regular desk seating
MachForm being sent this week
Room Moves/Departure
If it is not check-in (anything for the rest of the school year) you need to be using Key Exchange Search in LiveOn to look-up residents
Anytime a resident is leaving the University during the school year they need to be filling out a blue Departure Within the School Year form
UV Desk
Both gate pins need to be locked
The computer and radio need to be turned off
Community Center: coffee pot and TV need to be turned off; Windows shut and locked; Outside doors locked
Automatic switch turned off
Both sets of keys are in the desk drawer
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