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Copy of Social Media: Network Peninsula Edition

No description

Katie Seifert

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Social Media: Network Peninsula Edition

Social Media:
Network Peninsula Presentation

Define Your Objectives
Traffic To Website

Awareness Of A Cause

Generate Positive Feedback

Product Research

Engage With Current Customers
Parking Lot
Golden Circle by Simon Sinek
WHY I like to show this at the beginning of many presentations...
To help you utilize Social Media with a Clear Purpose!

Knowing HOW without WHY is like having a GPS for your road trip, with no destination point set.
"Who Says"
18 The Magic Number

Enlist in Mil./ Be responsible for a child, but no drinking?

Businesses waste HOURS on Social Media b/c No "Why"
Am I Presenting Today?
Define Your Target Market
Seems Like Marketing 101 but this foundation is why many businesses fail!

Jim Hick's Story

Multiple Targets (Example: DDS)
Activity: Create your own Avatar
Which Platforms are Right For You?
(Where is your avatar?)
Over 300 Social Platforms!
Time Is Money!
Action Item:
Allocate Specific DAY & TIME to schedule weekly posts.

Are you Overwhelmed by the thought of Social Media?
You're NOT Alone...

2nd Largest Search Engine
300+ Hours of Video Uploaded per Minute
Trend: Quickly Consumable Content
YT Videos are great content to share on other platforms!
Utilize hashtags on twitter!
Educational Videos:
Primarily Info Source
With CTA (Call To Action)
Promotional Videos:
WHY- What is in it for them?
With CTA (Call to Action)
Getting Started:
A virtual pinboard where you can organize and share images and videos you discover on the web.
Think of it as social network of visuals – where you can find images from other people with the same interest or use it to curate your own visual “interest space.”
80% of Pins are Re-Pins

Upload to your website before sharing

42% of online women use Pinterest.

Younger Demographic

34% of adults 18–29 years old use Pinterest.
28% of adults 30–49 years old use Pinterest.
Personal Page vs Business Page

Violates Facebook Regulations
Cap on Friends
87% of adults 18–29 use Facebook.
73% of adults 30–49 use Facebook.
63% of adults 50–64 use Facebook.
56% of adults 65+ use Facebook.

77% of adult females
on the site and 66% adult males.
80/20 Rule for Algorithm
(Think of your Avatar)
*Proximo Example*
Likes, Comments & Shares
Check In and Tag to
expand your reach!
@ Mentioning= Tagging
32% of all Internet users are using Twitter
Real Time Conversations
Twitter: Tweet = Facebook: Post
140 Character Limit

Men. 29-50. Urban vs. Rural.
Create Your Own Avatar!
Geo Location
Education Level
Income Level
Types of Pets
Be as specific as possible!

Now...where are they already?
Check Stats on Groups Before Joining-
1st, 2nd & 3rd Level/ Group Connections
InMails Purchased
Recommendations & Endorsements

LinkedIn Friend Requests

Linkedin Relationship Manager
Analytics/ Insights
Combined Analytics on H. Suite/ Rignite
Apply this Data to Your Overall Marketing Strategy!
Keep It Real!
Humanizing Social Media
Be Authentic
Care About Their Problem
Build Relationships
Hands Down #1 Referral Source? WOMM

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