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Rolex Presentation

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Sarah Al.

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Rolex Presentation

Sarah Alajmi - 137294392

Mariam Serrokh – 1385239

Tendai Chidawanyika - 1409785

Osai Jalloh - 1387810

Astridah Banda - 1389084

Table of Content
1. Rolex Key Timeline

2. Brand Overview

3. Uniqueness of Rolex

4. PEST Analysis

5. Industry Analysis

6. Competitor Analysis

7. Marketing Mix

8. Value Chain Analysis

9. Market Segmentation

10. External Analysis – SWOT

11. Conclusion

12. Recommendations

13. Reference List

Rolex Key Timeline
Brand Overview
Oyster Collection

Cellini Collection

170 models and 3,200 combinations

2000 watches are made on a daily basis

Uniqueness of Rolex
The engine of the watch

Made from various manufactured components

Guarantees long-term high performance.

Undergoes an “exacting” process

Rolex movement becomes a certified Swiss chronometer. 

The 4130 Movement
Uniqueness of Rolex
904L Steel
First company to use this steel

High-cost steel

Complicated to machines

Insensitive to corrosion

Holds resilience and preserves beauty in sever conditions

(Rolex, 2014)
PEST Analysis

Exchange rates

Prices for precious metals

Fashion Trend

Social Status

Ethical issues “Blood Diamonds”


Reduced production cost

Industry Analysis
(Mintel, 2014)
Estimated UK sales increased from £987 million in 2009 to £1,079 million in September 2014.

This is a 4.6% market growth in the watch industry.

Market Share
Source: (Worldwatchreport, 2014)

Most Searched Product
Source: (Worldwatchreport, 2014)

Perceptual Map
Porter’s Five Forces

Direct Competitors
18.4% market share in 2012

Targets young and ambitious individuals

9% market share 2012

Targets professionals

Indirect Competitors
Smart Watch
Smart Phone
Source: (Mintel, 2014)
Marketing Mix - 4Ps

Exceptional wristwatch


- Excellence

- High performance

- Prestige

- Innovation

(Mintel, 2012)
Vary depending on the model

The cheapest category £3,000 - £10,000.

Standard category: : £11,000 - £40,000.

Expensive watches: from £50,000 up to millions

No price reductions

Exclusive distribution

Stores located in prestigious areas

Globally, Rolex opened 111 stores

No online sale


Printed adverts on magazines

Celebrity Endorsement

Global Sports & cultural events sponsorships

Value Chain Analysis

Privately held independently run entity

Respected, admired, valued and globally known

Discreet and Obsessed with quality control

Extremely competent and almost obsessively organized 

Meticulous security checks

Firm Infrastructure

Total of 2800 employees

Rolex chemistry labs full of highly trained scientists

Army of gemologists

Human Resources Management
Technology Department
Internal Research and Development Department

Extremely well-equipped professional science labs

Has its own science lab

Movements are hand assembled and tested

Virtually everything made in house

Diamonds and precious stones are hand selected and hand set.

One watch takes a year

Inbound Logistics
High security in transportation

Sales through Official Rolex Retailers

No online sales

Two watch sales a year per retailer

Hybrid Advertising Strategy

Social media, celebrities, opinion leaders and sports icons

Cancels warranty for unauthorized third party parts and repairs

Two year service guarantee
Market Segmentation
on income basis
(Middle Class)
(Upper Class)
(Upper Middle Class)
Strong financial position

Strong brand image

Celebrity endorsements

Maintain innovative reputation

Competition from several premium watches

No online sale

Experimenting with different models

Target younger generation

Produce smart watches

Rolex’s limited dealership lead to consumers switching over

Impact of counterfeits on the brand image

One of the most valuable and influential luxury brands in the world with brand value of 5.1 billion, market share of 32.4% and sales of 3.1 billion in the watch industry.

Its loyal group of customers are 35 years old and over who are successful and affluent individuals.

Maintained its luxurious brand image through excellence, innovation, performance, exclusive distribution and prestige

Rolex is an active business in supporting the environment, exploration, arts and sports through sponsorships

It needs to increase product range by producing modern designs to attract young affluent customers through limited edition ranges in order to engage and test the market. 

It needs to consider partnering with well-known designers for limited editions as this will create a buzz, freshen the image and attract new customers who are fans of those particular designers.

It needs to connect more with women as they make the most jewellery and watch purchases. It should consider more female ambassadors of high social standing, sponsor more female focused sport events as its image campaigns focus mostly on males.

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Market Segmentation

on lifestyle basis
Rolex Submariner

(Divers Watch)
Rolex Explorer
Homeage to Glodsmith Benvenuto Cellini

Painter, sculptor, musician

Rolex Cellini
(Rolex, 2014)
(Beckertime, 2014)
Marketing Management

(Wthejournal, 2014)
£ 5,350.00
£ 30,500.00
£ 220,950.00

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