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Bailey Hopkins

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Science

How the bubble machine works
When the switch turns on it closes the circut and the electrons are let out of the battery and activates the switches in the bubble machine and these switches activate the bubble dispensers.
In this you have learn't how circuits work and what type of energy runs lights and bubble machines. You also know what runs through wires when a switch is closed. I also learned how to draw an electrical circut using electricians shorthand. I had fun using the electrical kits and making light bulbs works
How the light bulbs work
How this circuit works is that when the switch turns on the electrons stored on the batterys and the electrons whiz through the wires until they find a battery and some of the electrons and transferred into heat and light energy and pooled into the bulb and the bulb turns on.
Science assignment
During this presentation i will be telling you how light bulbs and smoke machines get working in a circuit. This circuit is for a rock bands performance
In this circuit there is wire, lights, a bubble machine and a switch. It also includes a battery.

How it works
When the switch is turned on the voltage of the battery pushes the electrons stored in the battery and they pool in a light bulb and get transfered into heat and light energy. The remaining electrons flow to the bubble machine and activate the switches in the bubble machine and this activates the bubble dispensers
Why i chose this setup
I chose this setup becuase it would illuminate the crowd and band while not glare for th crowds eyes. The bubbles also make the concert fun for everyone. The bubbles and lights will make it engaging for the crowd while not making over the top.
What happens to the electrons
When the switch opens the circut the voltage stops pushing the aroud and they go back into the light in less than a second.
What you will need
For this circut you will need a couple of wires, light bulbs, battery's and bubble machines.
light bulb
1. place one wire on the battery and the other wire on the light bulb
2. connect the wires together and the light bulb should light up

bubble machine procedure
1. get the wire and connect it to the battery then get the other wires and connect them to the bubble machine 2. Get the wires and hook them together and the bubbles should come out
Why i chose the wires
I chose wires because they connect all of the things together. Wires are in every circut you will find
Why i chose the battery
I chose the battery because it is needed in every circuit for they're electrons and voltage.
Why i chose the switch
I chose the switch so you don't have to manually connect the wires and take them apart.
Why i chose the bubble machine
I chose the bubble machine because most bands have a smoke machine and a bubble machine is unique and it is fun for everyone of all ages.
Why i chose the lights
I chose the lights because the illuminate the bands performance and keep the crowd happy with the colours.
how the switch works
The switch opens and closes the circuit when it is connected to every thing
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