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Pakistan 1971 and 1973-1977

No description

Carlie Eilers

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Pakistan 1971 and 1973-1977

Double click anywhere & add an idea Stage 1: Classification

Dissagreement with Pakistan (Muslims) and India (Hindu) Stage 2: Symbolization

Pakistan speaks Urdu and English
Pakistan put signs on some hindu houses to make them known

Stage 8: Denial

There was no primary sources other than articles, military journals, and several books to back up the genocide. Pakistan flag
Stage 3: Dehumanization

Not only did Muslim Pakiastan's want Indian Hindu's dead, but Indian Hindu's wanted Pakistan muslims dead also.
Stage 4: Organization

Pakistan military was created. Had an active force of 550,000 personnel and 528,000 men in reserve Stage 5: Polarization

Both tried to get rid of the other. Pakistan and India were both guilty of trying to make the other look like the bad guy. Stage 7: Extermination

2.4 million Hindus slaughtered
Hinduism symbol Stage 6: Preparation

President called for a terror campaign on India until the Indians surrendered

Journalists made reports of what was happening, which riled up many people

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