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John Oxley

No description

Maeghan S

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of John Oxley

John Oxley
By Maeghan Scanlan
Who was John Oxley?
John Oxley went to the Lachlan River to follow it's path on Goverenor Macquaries' orders.

John Oxley was born in England and sailed to Australia as a surveyor with the Royal Navy in 1801.(Kidcyber).He was then appointed surveyor general of New South Wales.Which is somebody who is in charge of all the surveyors.
Where did they go?
This expedition was important to Australia because it showed a greater potential for exploration of lands unknown to the colony.Expantion of the colony was necessary for the success of Australia.

How was this important to Australia?
On the expediton John Oxley went to the Lachlan River to find more land but when he went he couldn't find any so he turned back and went west.Then he found land so it developed the colony by letting them have land to put things on.
How did this help the development of the colony further?
On Oxleys journey he didn't really interact with any Indigenous peoples but he discovered a grave from a Indigenous man and on the grave there were carvings saying "Aborglyphs".He found that the man was killed by the flooding's of the Lachlan River and was buried with pine tres beside the grave.
How did this effect the indigenous community?
John Oxleys first expedition along the lachlan river determined that these pathways would not help the colony expand.However by excluding these river ways it gave better direction for the colony to expand in the future.
What is the Significance of this expedition
The references
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