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Rhetorical Analysis

This prezi offers some tips on breaking down the AP Language Rhetorical Analysis question & it gives an introduction to what rhetorical analysis is all about.

Catherine Sjogren

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Rhetorical Analysis


Writers use language to create an effect
Thank you for your attention!
There are 2 Questions

Big: What is the author's meaning and purpose?
Little: How does langauge create this meaning or purpose?
Aristotle defined rhetoric as "the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion."



Identify the BIG and Little Question
Definitions of Rhetoric
Appealing to your audience
Breaking down the AP Language Rhetorical Analysis Prompt...
Francis Bacon viewed rhetoric a the application of reason to imagination "for the better moving of the will."
"the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion"
John Locke refered to rhetoric as that powerful instrument of error and deceit.
As a writer, knowing your options and selecting what to put in your text to create a desired effect
Meaning - Purpose - Effect
1. Identify the TAG (Title, Author, Genre)
2. Identify the Big and Little question
Big = MEANING = Author's PURPOSE
Litte = Language (use of language)
3. Identify background information (date, audience, occasion, etc.)
Example Prompt: Watch the 2010 Nissan Leaf “Polar Bear” commercial. Then, write an essay in which you analyze how the company crafts the film to achieve its purpose.
Florence Kelley (1859-1932) was a United States social worker and reformer who fought successfully for child labor laws and improved conditions for working women. She delivered the following speech before the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Philadelphia on July 22, 1905. Read the speech carefully. Then write an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical strategies Kelley uses to convey her message about child labor to her audience. Support your analysis with specific references to the text.
*What is the message of this film?
*Who is the intended audience?
*What parts of this film effectively
delivered this message to the audience?
How do you persuade someone?

tips: show you are knowledgable
validate the opposition
use relevant support
Review the Volkswagen "Darth Vader" Commercial
and examine the way the director crafts this ad
to convey why this car is unique and desirable
to its owners.
syntax: notice breaks in patterns
The choices of an author
make an impact on the reader.
It is not the content alone....
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