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AP Argument Essay

No description

Kristin Wyatt

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of AP Argument Essay

AP Language Exam
Argument Essay

Basic Facts
1 of 3 essays on the test
You have approximately 40 minutes to write the essay.
It is graded on a scale of 1-9.
Graded as a polished rough draft.

The prompt will be in one of two formats:
1. You will defend/challenge/qualify a claim that is provided.
2. You will develop your own position on a given topic.

Writing the Essay
Step 1: Read the prompt carefully.

Don't skip over the provided information. It is important.

Identify the one sentence that indicates the task you are to complete.
Writing the Essay
Step 2: Pick a Side
Step 3: Think of Reasons
Step 4: Write a Thesis
Step 5: Plan your Evidence
Basic Framework
Introduction with Thesis (Claim)
(4-6 sentences)
Body Paragraphs
(7-10 sentences)
Introduce the Reason
Explain and Connect
**Counter somewhere
(3-5 sentences)

Evidence will come from the following areas:
Things you've read or viewed
Experiences you've had

The best pieces of evidence come from:
Current Events/History
Pop Culture
Social Observation
Personal Experience
Hypothetical Situations
Argument Analysis
Defend: Support the claim the author has made.

Challenge: Oppose or refute the claim the author has made.

Qualify: Establish to what extent the assertion/claim the author has made is true.
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