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Does having your senses change the ability to walk in a straight line

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Kailey Strange

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Does having your senses change the ability to walk in a straight line

Does having your senses change the ability to walk in a straight line?
Created by: Kailey Strange
Background Research
Independent Variable: I am changing the persons senses whether they can or can't walk in a straight line with or without senses.

Dependent Variable: I am observing if people can or can't walk in a straight line with and without senses. I am counting how many times they walk off the trail.

Controlled Variable: Keep the same people, Keep the same number of people, Keep the same area used to walk,keep all measurements
If: I change the persons senses with and without using them,it is more testable.

Then: I can observe and make numbers easier.

Because: I am testing 2 things, does it work better with or without senses.
Materials used
1) Clipboard
2) Paper and Pencil
3) Blindfold
4) Soundproof Headphones
5) A big open field
6)White spray paint
7) People to test with
1) Test each person by putting on the blindfold and headphones to see if they can walk in a straight line without senses.
2) Count how many times they walk off the trail.
3) Then, test each person by letting them use senses to see if they can walk.
4) Count how many time walked off the trail.

The only thing in my experiment that you would need to be safe about is being blindfolded because you can't see where you are going and you could get hurt.
My Video
Data collected
At the end of my experiment my results were the same. The first person to test walked off the trail 5 times without their senses, and when they tested with they walked off 0 times. The same thing happened with the second person, they walked off five times without their senses and 0 times with their senses. When I took away senses they walked off the line more than they did when they used their senses. My hypothesis was correct because I thought it would be easier with senses and it was! If I were to do this experiment again I would increase the number of people tested from 2 people to 4 people.
Works Cited
Margles,Samantha. "Is it true that people cant walk in a straight line?" Mythbusters Science Fair Book: Confirm or Bust!

Mythbusters walking in a straight line after show

I found that walking without senses makes you lose control of balance so that it is hard to walk in a straight line like that. Your body can sense what direction you are walking without hearing or seeing but it is still going to be hard to walk in a straight line
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