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Industrial Revolution

No description

Charley Diemer

on 10 October 2010

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution!! What is the Industrial Revolution? Before the Industrial Revolution Before the Industrial Revolution, everything
was made by hand. To make anything usually
it would take hours of work. How it Started The Industrial Revolution acutally started
in Britan; when they had made a new
water powered textile (cloth) making machine. British leaders didn't want word
of this to get out, so neither the machines
or people who lived there were aloud to leave Britan. Samuel Slater memorized
every detail of the complicated machines;
then he snuck aboard a ship for America The Industrial Revolution was a time
from 1790 to 1920. It was the period of our history when new Machines and Manufacturing took over one by one products. By Drew and Charley What Happened In 1793 Samuel Slater and Moses
brown made the first American
textile mill. Jan E. Matzeliger Jan E. Matzeliger in 1889 made a machine which
allowed shoemakers to make OVER DOUBLE the
ammount of shoes in one day done by one person.
this machine enabled shoemakers to sew the shoe
to the sole; now one person could make 700
shoes in one day. Thomas Alva Edison Thomas Alva Edison was one of the
most famous inventors between 1860
and 1900. With over 1,000 inventions
of these were inventions such as the phonograph and his personal best the,
lightbulb. Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell was a Famous
inventor and was the person who invented
the telephone he was too poor to invest
in his own telephone buisness; so he tried to
sell his invention to a telegraph company
but they said his invention was a toy and
laughed at it. He ended up finding some
people that wanted to invest with him and
ended up starting the American Bell Telephone
Company. Famous Inventors Famous Inventors What it Did for Our Country Because of the Industrial Revolution
and all these grand inventors, our
country has been able to make a giant leap in technology leading to the
information age and new inventions to come. Big Money Making Industries Oil Company ( John D. Rockefeler )
Railroad Buisness ( Cornelius Vanderbilt )
Steel Company ( Andrew Carnagie )
Banking Buisnessman ( J.P. Morgan) Thanks For Watching :)
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