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Short Story

jess binckes

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Moonlight

Moonlight Theme Characterization Point of View Literary Cristism - Search for human identity
- Humans basic desires
-Love is divine Dynamic -
undergoes an important inner change,
as a change in personality or attitude Third Person Omniscient "Maupassant effectively used the moonlight
to describe the attributes of true love which lies
hidden in the dark not until someone who has
an earnest desire, search for it." Kiss on the forehead Setting "As he strode down the aisle of his little country church, sometimes a question would take shape in his mind." (357) by Guy de Maupassat Best theme would be "Love is Divine" "But he asked himself now if he was not on the verge of disobeying God. Must not God permit love since He lavished upon it such visible splendor?" (361) Moonlight In the short story "Moonlight," Guy De Maupassant portrays the theme love is divine and uses a variety of elements in fiction to emphasize the lesson. "He recoiled before the couple who kept walking arm in arm... But he asked himself now if he was not on the verge of disobeying God. Must not God permit love since He lavished upon it such visible splendor? And he fled, distraught, almost ashamed, as if he had entered a temple where he had no right to be." The main character could be considered both dynamic and static because he starts thinking about changing his view on love, but then ends up not changing at all and going back to normal "They seemed, the pair, a single
being, the being for whom this
calm and silent night was intended,
they moved toward the preist like a
living answer to his question,
flung back by his master." (361) "Perhaps God has made such nights to veil the loves of men with ideal beauty." (361) "This concept of love is elucidated in the magnificence of moonlight at night which is not noticed by many but for the few who understand its significance, it means not just personal bliss but helping God in accomplishing His purpose-for us to understand and appreciate the beauty of love."
Symbolism Static -
undergoes little or no inner change
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