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Motivate and Engage 21st Century Learners

Leadership Project November 2012

Kristy Jackson

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Motivate and Engage 21st Century Learners

Motivate and Engage 21st Century Learners: A way to help students become better writers and collaborators! How do we engage?
How do we motivate? How do we connect? In a way students want to learn Teach life skills Teach through modern technology A way to connect Web 2.0 tools, gadgets(Iphone, Ipod, Android, Ipad, etc.), learning tools (laptop, PC, Interactive white board, etc.) What is modern technology? Students leading, answering, enjoying, and learning through interaction with content. Engagement! Web 2.0 tools Modern Technology Learning Management System (LMS) that is a way for teachers and students to communicate in and outside of the classroom. Edmodo Great blog spot for students to share their thoughts or assignments. Other students can comment on their assignments too. Kidblog Students create books, movies or drawings to demonstrate knowledge of the content. Excellent place for students to showcase learning in an online format. Kerpoof Student examples Use modern technology to motivate and engage students in a way that they want to learn. Many tools are available to help show students school content is useful for the "real world" as students would say. Recap!
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