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AICE Global Perspective: 'Chinese' Parenting: Efficient? Not Efficient?

No description

YenTing Wu

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of AICE Global Perspective: 'Chinese' Parenting: Efficient? Not Efficient?

Tiger Mother Amy Chua Supportive Wolf Father One beating every three days, children will be accepted to U. of Beijing? Cram classes
Talent classes
No dating Supportive Opposing Reflection No socializing
No video games Yale Professor No play dates
No sleepovers
No video games No TV
No less than A
Piano or violin 'Chinese' Parenting: Efficient? Not Efficient? Haq, Husna. "'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother'- is Amy Chua right?". The Christrian Science Monitor. 'Clearly, my parents did something right.'
Four valedictorians
Four summa cum laude college grads "'Wolf Father' Xiao Bai-Yo: Children are the people, I am the governor. This is democracy. China Review News. 16 November 2011. 8 April 2013. "I am the best father in the world"
3/4 children accepted by U. of Beijing
Beating "Educators oppose to Wolf Father, Tiger Mother. No need for Dictatorship Parenting". The People. 12 November 2012. 8 April 2013. Negatives
Future "Does Science Support 'Tiger Mother' Parenting?" Xin Hua Net. 20 January 2011. 8 April 2013. British experience in China Thorniley, Tessa. "The Tiger Mother is myth in China". 16 October 2012. 8 April 2013. Rabbit rather than Tiger
Occasional Tiger Mother
Shanghai lifestyle 'Chinese' parenting Extreme pride in oneself
Refuse to listen to parents
Strong willed
"sociopath characteristics"-- Gwen Dewar, Ph.D in Making Humans No confidence
No opinions
Does not know how to think YenTing Wu
Mrs Rothring
AICE Global Perspective
24 April 2013
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