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Lab Equipment Joykutty

Credit to the base prezi - Lisa Edwards

Leya Joykutty

on 3 September 2017

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Transcript of Lab Equipment Joykutty

Holds liquids: DO NOT measure with these!!
Erlenmeyer Flask
test tube
plastic pipette
Holds test tubes when
transporting, or heating
Used when clamping the test tube to a ring stand.
Goes between the iron ring and a beaker when attached to a ring stand.
Used to dry and weigh solid compounds
can hold dry ingredients, or micro-scale reactions.
Crucible tongs
Used to move hot beakers
Used to attach iron rings for beakers;
test tubes that are being heated etc.
used in addition to the wire gauze to hold beakers being heated.
Used to heat materials
used to measure exact
quantities of liquids
during titrations.
used to measure temperature
Measure mass (in grams)
Graduated cylinder
measures small amounts
of liquid very precisely
Accurate measurement of liquids
Holds test tubes when conducting
experiments and when not using the test tubes
Made of porcelein
and is used to dry substances
Other equipment you will use:
Approximate measurement
Other uses:
used to make a water bath
used to make solutions
Other uses:
to heat small quantities of reactants
Other uses:
transferring liquids
can be used for accurate measurements if graduated.
Other uses:
container to make solutions
container for titrations
Measure using the meniscus (from the bottom of the curved surface)
Comes in different sizes;
Glass pipette
used to pull liquid into the pipette.
Rubber bulb
Accurately measures very small quantities of liquid.
Comes in different sizes
Measuring mass
triple beam balance
digital/electronic balance
Holding and supporting
Bunsen Burner
Heating in the lab
Crucible with lid
Examining specimens
Dissecting Tray
Used to place dissection specimens
Dissection Scissors
Used to cut specimens
Used to cut specimens
Used to hold specimens during dissection
Dissecting pins
Used to attach specimens to the tray
Used for probing!
Magnifying lens
Simple Microscope
Also called a simple microscope
Used to make small objects appear larger
Compound Light Microscope
Uses a combination of lenses to magnify the image of very small objects
Used to place microscope specimen
Used to cover microscope specimen
and protect lenses
Used to grow microorganisms in the lab
Watch glass
Petri Dish
test tube holder
Ring stand:
Test tube clamp
Test tube rack
Beaker tongs:
Used to pick up hot crucibles
Iron ring:
Wire gauze:
Lab Equipment you will use in the Science Lab
(Mohr pipettes)
Volumetric Flask
Used to make a solution of fixed volume very accurately
Note the sharp pointed tips of the scissors.
Used to make initial opening on a surface.
Boiling Flask
A.K.A Florence flask
Used for boiling liquids because
of ease of heating and swirling
Evaporating Dish
Used to heat chemical solutions, driving off the water to leave residual chemical solute
Steel tripod legs with cast iron ring supports lab ware during heating.
Used to introduce liquids below the surface of a mix, especially in gas generating applications.
Thistle Funnel
Mortar and Pestle
Used to crush, grind, and mix solid substances
Used to pour liquid or fine-grained substances
into containers with a small opening
Vacuum Flask
Buchner Flask
Thick walled Erlenmeyer flask with a hose arm so that a vacuum may be used to separate or dry a sample
Test Tube Brush
Used for cleaning test tubes and narrow mouth glassware
"Macro" examination
"Micro" Examination
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