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the last song

No description

Savanna Pasko

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of the last song

The Last Song Challenges/ Conflicts Author Nicolas Sparks Seeing her dad New York's best selling author Awards The book hasn't won any awards. but this will be Nicolas Sparks 15th published book. Genre Romantic Will and Ronnie Fictional Protagonist Ronnie Beginning of the book Self centered teenager Shop Lifting Quit playing the piano Blames farther for parents divorce Ignores her dad End of the book Mature Falls in love Plays piano Taking care of her dad Will Rich Beach Volleyball player Attractive Understanding Other Characters Steve Miller- Father. Love music and piano. Gets cancer. Jonah- Ronnie's little brother.
10 years old.
Loves his dad. Blaze- Best friends with Ronnie for a while. Lives with her boyfriend. Marcus- Blazes boyfriend. Controlling. Abusive. Fireball thrower. Kim- Ronnie and Jonah's mother. Caring . Ashley- Wills ex girlfriend Setting Wrightsville, North Carolina Mood Awkward Love Sad Ronnie and dads relationship at the beginning Will and Ronnie Blaze and Marcus Theme You should cherish what you have while you have it. When the dad dies.
It was really sad. Least Favorite Part Favorite Part of
the book When Ronnie and her dad start to get along
with each other What Ive Learned Ive learned to fogive people. And how important
someone in your life can be. And you might not
be able to reliaze that until there gone. It isnt based on a
true story Cares for her dad Antagonist Steve gets cancer Thanks For
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