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Lego League Senior Solution

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Lego League Senior Solution

By the lego league crew S.H.S
(Students Helping Seniors) Viola Phol Loinel LaPage age- 99 years old
-resident at Dubuque retirement home
Problems: reaching things, walking, hearing, dance, going to church (main problem is reaching things up high in the cabinet where the flavor blasted xtra cheddar goldfish are) age:79
-lives by him self at his home
Problems:yard work, hearing, walking,reaching things on shelves and laundry (most important problem is reaching up high in the cabinet where the double stuffed oreos are) Problem and Solution Problem= Some seniors can't reach stuff on high shelves or ledges Solution=Design and create a better and more efficient grabber for seniors to use to reach things up high Ideas for new grabber wristband: in case the senior dropped the grabber it would help prevent it from falling have a release and a grip button so when you push on those buttons it will lock and not do anything else until you push that button again extension so your grabber can get longer and shorter depending on how high the shelf is A shelf will be at the bottom of the grabber to balance the item We shared this prezi with our granparents.
Because its on the internet anybody can view our prezi Sources of Imformation:

Invention Implementation Actice Living Now- $20.00 Amazon- $12.00 Problem Analysis Viola: Height of Self:
Length of Self: Loinel: Height of Self:
Length of Self: Ebay- $10.00 Now our grandparents will be able to reach snacks and items up high in the cabinets! Thank You for listening! grandparents
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