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Alicia Keys Prezi

No description

lucia duarte ruiz

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Alicia Keys Prezi

Wikipedia, Biografías.es and
Google images Alicia Keys (born in Manhattan,
New York, United States, on January 25th, 1981) is the artist
name of Alicia Augello Cook, is a singer, actress and composer of
R&B and soul. She is now considered the queen of R&B. And for the moment her
discography is: Born in Manhattan, New York, since she was
two years she lived with her mother before
the separation of her parents. Since she was
seven years old, Alicia decided to develop her
feelings for music and began piano classes
and classic music. It was in 1995, when she
was fourteen years old, begin to write songs
that she herself interpreted. Late, Clive Davis, productor, discovered
Alicia and her biggest talent. She has sold
more of thirty millions records all over the
world and won numerous prizes, including
fourteen Grammys, seventeen
Billboard prizes and three American body
dules. Her debut album "Songs in A Minor" won five Grammys only in a night, a record for the artist women, but years later, it was exceeded with six
Grammys in only night by Beyoncé and Adele.

In May 2010 Alicia keys and Swizz Beatz got married. - Song in a Minor (2001)
-The diary of Alicia keys (2003)
-As I Am (2007)
-The element of freedom (2009)
-Girls on Fire (2012) "Unplugged" is the first album in live
of the singer, pianist and composer,
Alicia Keys. By: Lucía Duarte Ruiz
3ºB Alicia Keys
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