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Why is the Sky Blue ?

A project for science class , on why the sky is blue .

TaylorDanielle BourkeDodd

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Why is the Sky Blue ?

Why is the Sky Blue? Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? It all has to do with science! You have days with clear blue skies because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colors because the blue light has been scattered out and away your line of sight. In this diagram, you see the moleclues in the atmosphere spreading blue rays from the sunlight. The white light from the sun is a mixture of all the colors in the rainbow. Tyndall discovered that when light passes through a clear fluid holding small particles that are in suspension, the shorter blue wavelengths are scattered more strongly than the red. So, when the white light from the sun passes through our atmosphere, the colors show through. You may wonder, why isn't the sky violet? Violet is the color with the shortest wavelength. Our eyes are less sensitive to violet. They react to three main colors, blue, green, and red. Those three colors react the most when exposed to light at those wavelengths. However, if there were no indigo and violet in the spectrum, the sky would appear blue with a slight green coloring. What about the sunset? How is the sky different colors, right before the sun sets? When the air is clear the sunset will appear yellow, because the light from the sun has passed a long distance through air and some of the blue light has been scattered away. But, if the sky is cluttered with more particles, then the sky will be more red. If the sunset is over an ocean, the sunset may appear orange due to salt particles in the air. Why is it that in the nighttime, the sky is black with stars, but in the daytime, the sky is blue? During the nighttime, there are no particles of sunlight being scattered, so therefore the color of the sky is black at night. Think about it, did you know why the sky was blue? Many people think they know, or just guess that it's always been that way, and always will.
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