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How does Ethics play a role in the Knowers evaluation of 'Truth Claims'?

KIs, WoKs, AoKs, RLS and the whole deal!

Noah Frazier

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of How does Ethics play a role in the Knowers evaluation of 'Truth Claims'?

AoKs interesting stuff... tantalizing things... Concluding
Statement Ways of Knowing Knowledge Issues Real Life Situation Introduction
Knowers perspectives
Areas of Knowledge
a Real Life Situation Areas of Knowledge 'Truth Claims'? How does Ethics play a role in
the Knowers evaluation of who will be talking about like: who'll be telling us about & and
Patrick Perkowsky By
Noah Frazier Here we go! Knowledge Issues
Ways of Knowing
also the RLS
Conclusion for instance: The End Truth Elaborate

KIs Which FIELD? To conclude... Personal response

(Re)State answer Claims? Ways of Knowing Language Sense Perception Language Persuasive language & word choice
-> Aim of words Sense Perception Visual and heard intake of said 'claims' Do images 'validate' or support 'truth claims'? (or WoK) The Arts Advertising = visual art of persuasion ethics (Noun):
Moral principles that a person's or behavior. GOVERN GROUP'S do 'Truth-Claimers' retain ethics? The Knowers
Evaluation Ethical objectivity & relativism... a KI RLS Background info What does this have to do with Ethics from the Knowers perspective? Identify the truth claim(s)
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