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Least Restrictive Environment

A presentation on my topic for MA in Educational Leadership

Troy Wunderlich

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of Least Restrictive Environment

The Impact of Least Restrictive Environment on
Little Falls Community Schools Resume Education Augustana College
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education Experience Little Falls Middle School
Little Falls High School
Menahga Elementary 2010-Present
2007-2008 Little Falls School District 7 schools - Enrollment of 2514 students
35% Qualify for free and reduced lunch
10% Special Education population
17:1 Student to teacher ratio
Goals To become a leader in my district
To become a Principal or Special Education Director Why Least Restrictive Environment? Special Education Teacher Confusion/Misinterpretation Wrong setting for students Setting students up for failure What is involved in current law regarding Least Restrictive Environment?
How does Least Restrictive Environment improve student learning?
How do we prepare Special Education and regular education teachers for compliance with Least Restrictive Environment?
What are the challenges and failures facing Least Restrictive Environment?
Research Questions What is current law regarding Least Restrictive Environment? In order to receive funds, schools must follow IDEA part B
IDEA does not define the term "inclusion"
IDEA does not define what are "supplementary aids and services.
Least Restrictive Environment refers to the legal principle that students with disabilities are to be educated as close as possible to the general education environment. How does Least Restrictive Environment Improve Student Learning? When students with disabilities are placed in a setting with peers, positive attitudes towards students with disabilities were developed.
When students operate in a safe environment, they realize everyone has situations where they stuggle and need help.
As students recognize differences, they realize other students communicate different than themselves.
Students are taught and encouraged to work together and support on another. How is an appropriate setting chosen? IDEA does not require that every student with a disabilitiy be placed in teh regular classroom regardless of individual needs.To determine what placement is appropriate, each student's abilities must be looked at on a case-by-case scenario IDEA does not require every student with a disability be placed in the regular classroom
Each student's abilities must be looked at on a case-by-case scenario
Potential harmful effects on the student or the quality of services
Full range of supplementary aids and services Confusion/Misinterpretation Confusion/Misinterpretation How do we prepare Special Education and regular education teachers for compliance with Least Restrictive Environment? Inclusion may pose significant challenges for school personnel. If educators have not received enough training required to work with special needs students in an inclusive setting, they often feel overwhelmed and abandoned. At times, when teachers are forced to transfrom their curriculum for individual students, it creates a negative attitude towards inclusion A successful inclusive classroom relies heavily on teachers and administrators' positive attitudes Inclusion can fail with lack of communication between special education teachers, mainstream teachers, and administration. Mainstream teachers need to know and understand accomodations and the therories behind their use In order to assure a positive attitude towards inclusion, training and retraining should be given top priority Action Research Questions Do teachers and parents know of the policy or written guideleines towards Least Restrictive Environment at Little Falls Community Schools? How do teachers and parents view Least Restrictive Environment? Qualitative Research Teacher Survey
Parent Survey
Existing Data Procedures Parents and teachers were given a survey to determine their current knowledge on LRE Parents asked what they think LRE means
is your child receiving it?
Are your child's educational needs being met?
What improvements can be made? Teachers Current knowledge of LRE
What modifications are being used?
Is the school in compliance with the law? Results Application and Conclusion Members of the district need to be informed of the school's policy towards LRE
Parents and staff do not know how to view LRE and unsure of how it impacts them Next Step Forward Emphasis clarity during IEP meetings
Educate students of their rights
Staff meeting(s) to clarify current LRE laws and answer any questions
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