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Roman Entertainment

No description

Elizabeth Walters

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Roman Entertainment

Roman Entertainment!
An important part
of the
Roman era.
would take place
in the
The amphitheatre:
A large open air stadium where the people of Rome would go for entertainment.
Fact:The largest amphitheatre in Ancient Rome is the Colosseum originally known as the Flavian amphitheatre.
But what
entertainment would take
place in the amphitheatre?
Entertainment in the roman era would include:
Animal fighting
Gladiator fights
Chariot racing and there were many others.
would either
end in
injury or death.
Animal fighting
Buffaloes, bears, wild cats (e.g.lions and tigers) and elephants would be kept by the romans and made to fight each other to give people entertainment for the day.
Gladiator fights
One of the first gladiatores (gladiator in english) fights was in 264 BC.
It occured at a funeral ritual as a celebration and was then considereed.
Retiarius(net fighter)- In gladiator fights there were 2 types of gladiator.
The net fighter would hold a net to throw at the opponent and a trident(a 3 pronged spear.)
He would only be protected wearing a metal shield called a Galerus and leather or metal protection on his arm.
A Heavily Armed Gladiator
Murmillones used a shield and sword to protect themselves throughout the fight.
They would also wear heavy helmets to protect their faces.
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