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Colonial Life Enroller Training

The Colonial Life enroller role is crucial to everyone's success.

Gene Ramsay

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Colonial Life Enroller Training

You ARE the expert counselors and advisors. What is an enroller? No one makes a dime until you do your job. All success ends with you. You represent yourself, your team, your DGA, and Colonial Life. Enrolling is the most multi-faceted role in Colonial Life. Product Knowledge You must know three main things. What is it?
What does it do for the client?
How much is it? In your own words... Positioning - (Find the need)
Limits and caps
Life insurance differences for best fit.
"Catch phrases" for each benefit and starts someone thinking. Hands on Hands on Enrolling What is it? Ease of use. Security Hands on Enrolling...continued Enrollment Guide Separate
Document Center in Harmony* Hands on Field Underwriting Underwrite before and during, and possibly avoid the after. Guaranteed Issue
Pre-existing Underwriting memos It's not over until it's issued. Enroller Survival Notes Co-Browsing Career Enroller? Service/Group Management Stay in touch Business card vs no Broker vs Direct It's about good business. Hands on Reasons NOT to buy... BQI Enroller "Code of Conduct" What if... Group meeting? Challenging clients? Multiple people sit with you? Claims? Mandatory vs voluntary? Telling someone, "I'm sorry...?" How much did you make? Splitting business. Opener premium Submitting business. When do you get paid? Hands on Enroller bonus Vesting How much do you weigh? Hands on Colonial Life


Ext. 6210 - Underwriting
Ext. 2019 - Claims
Ext. 8530 - Sales Technology
Ext. 3450 - Compensation

Gene Ramsay
gene@generamsay.com colonial.birmingham@yahoo.com

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