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Tar-Pamlico River Basin

No description

Anastasia Espinal

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Tar-Pamlico River Basin

Tar-Pamlico River Basin
Lake Mattamuskeet is the largest natural lake in North Carolina. The lake is a wetlands depression that fills with rain water and the natural runoff from the land around it. There are no underground springs or headwaters feeding into the huge lake. The lake bed is three to five feet below sea level
The Tar-Pamlico is the 4th largest basin in the State,
encompassing 5,440sq. miles

Hyde County, NC
-Swan Quarter,NC
-Lake Landing,NC
Lake Mattamuskeet is a shallow
coastal lake, averaging 2-3 ft. in
depth, and stretches 18 miles(29km)
long, and 7 miles(11km) wide
Wildlife Inhabiting the Lake
-Swamp Sparrow
-Forsters Tern
-Tundra Swans
-Snow Geese
-Bald Eagle
-White Perch Fish
Wildlife Inhabiting the Lake
-Large Mouth Bass
-Blue Crabs
-Black Bears
Recreation Opportunities

-Goose Creek State Park
-Joy LaRue Joyner Park
-River Park North
-Fox Pond Park
-Indian Lake Park
-Tar River Trail
Pics of Wildlife Animals in Lake Mattamuskeet
Swamp Sparrow
Forster Tern
Snow Geese
Bald Eagle
Tundra Swan
White Perch
Large Mouth Bass
Black Bear
Goose Creek State Park
River Park North
Fox Pond Park

Tar River Trail
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