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No description

megan ward

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Superman

Superman Born on planet Krypton, Kal-El was the son of Jor-El, a scientist who studied earthquakes on Krypton. He discovered that there was seismic activity including abnormal earthquakes, and that the core of the planet was radioactive. He knew the planet would soon explode and he predicted Krypton’s destruction. He saved all of his data on a super-computer, capable of unthinkable things. Jor-El told the council of Krypton’s end, but the super-computer ignored and argued the information, and claimed that the earthquakes were only temporary. Jor-El later discovered that the super-computer only said these things so that it could download its’ invaluable information into a satellite thereby saving itself. Minutes before the destruction of Krypton, Jor-El put his baby boy into a spaceship and sent him to his new home, the planet Earth, making baby Kal-El the last surviving Kryptonian. The Man of Steel The spaceship landed in Kansas in a town called Smallville. Two farmers named Jonathan and Martha Kent found the spaceship, which they hid, and decided to adopt, rename and raise the baby Clark Kent, as their own. At the age of 18, Clark Kent started to realize he had certain unnatural powers. He could run incredibly fast, see through walls, hear from very far away and he had unbelievable strength. That was when his adoptive parents decided he needed to be told about his past so they showed him the spaceship in which he was found. There, he found a video from his parents explaining who he really was and this helped him understand why he was different and why he had special powers. He learned that he got all of his powers from the sun, because he absorbed its’ energy. He continued to gain incredible powers, such as flying and heat vision. He decided at that moment that he would use his powers to help those who couldn’t defend themselves. The Man of Steel He got a job at the Daily Planet, as a newspaper reporter and met Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest. He then made a costume and juggled his true identity and superhero responsibilities basically living a dual life between his role as Clark Kent and Superman, always keeping his true identity a secret. He was invincible with the exception of kryptonite, a green rock created from Krypton’s radioactive core. As his home planet exploded, tiny pieces of kryptonite landed on Earth, which were dangerous and lethal to him as it could drain him of all his powers. He later learned that he could contain the absorbing properties of kryptonite by storing it in lead containers. Man of Steel Jor-El, superman's father The planet of Krypton Martha and Jonathan Kent, Superman's adopted parents Spaceship Superman arrived to earth in Kryptonite, Superman's one weakness Lois Lane, Superman's love interest Daily Planet, Clark Kent's job Story: Krypton on Earth Later on in the day there is a re-enactment of how Superman was brought to Earth, via rocket. In this show there was a lead doll that was in the rocket which contained diamonds in it. At first Superman thought that there was a real person in there but Jonasreassured him that it was just a doll. This allowed Jonas to smuggle the diamonds that were in the doll in the rocket across the border. Later Jonas asks Superman for an autograph and when Superman gets a hold of his book he notices fingerprints. With Superman’s super-memory he remembers that John is a wanted man. Jonas attacks Superman at that moment with kryptonite but Superman uses x-ray vision to lower a flag that is in the sky. This allowing Superman to escape and finding Jonas and his men. Jonas Smith bought an island and rebuilt it to model Krypton. On this island there are no criminals because he has checked their FBI files through their fingerprints. Except nobody knows that Jonas hasn’t been checked. Jonas then invites Superman to be the Guest of Honor at the Krypton Pageant. At the Krypton Pageant Superman is crowned the honorary king of Krypton-on-Earth. Superman participates at many events and shows off his powers. This includes:
•lifting 2 elephants using super strength
•Turning coal into diamonds using super pressure. Story: Krypton on Earth Jonas Smith speaking with Clark Kent Superman finding Krypton on Earth Comic Book featuring Krypton on Earth Alexander Joseph Luthor or Lex Luthor is a supervillan and the archenemy of Superman. Superman opposes his but once mentioned that he could have been a great source of good, yet he directs himself down the path of evil. Since he is a very popular and a vicious villain he has also been in conflict with Batman and other well known superheroes. He is a power-seeking, evil scientist of high intelligence and technological ability who dreams of universal domination and enslaving the earth. He spends most of his time trying to kill Superman as he is a vital roadblock in his quest for world domination (Which he considers a stepping stone for universal domination). Although none of his attempts worked permanently, he managed to kill him once before being hauled off to prison by Super girl. He always finds a way to escape and retry his plans. Lex Luthor He is known as a villain on earth but is respected on the alien world of Lexor where he rebuilt society for its people. Superman and Lex had gone to the planet to fight as it had a red sun and therefore superman had no powers there. He lost the fight so that water could be transported to the desert planet, thus being seen as a hero and Superman being detested as a villain. He married a local woman named Ardona and had a son as well. Lex Luthor Even though he periodically wears a powered exoskeleton, he lacks superpowers or a duel identity. In childhood he had red hair which he lost when a fire destroyed his laboratory. He was a friend of Superman, but vowed revenge after the incident.
Even though he served as the US President he is considered a Machiavellian Industrialist and white-collar villain.
He is known as one of the greatest villains of all time ranking 8th on Wizards greatest villains of all time list and 4th on IGN’s top 100 comic book villains of all time. Lex Luthor Lex Luthor, Superman's archenemy Joker and Lex Luthor joined
up to fight Batman Lex Luthor in exoskeleton Young Lex before
the incident Superman
The Man of Steel Thankyou Background- Chantal Ross
Villain- Diana Jokic
Story- Diana Chan
Visuals- Megan Ward
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